TESTED FOR YOU: A. by BOM 3 Step Ultra Moisture Mask.


miloon a by bom 3 step ultra moisture blog

Who hasn’t ever dreamed to obtain a hydrated, plump and glowing skin all at once during fall and winter season? Is there any product that could help you to achieve all those benefits with just one product? The answer is of course big YES YOU CAN! The magic is kindly brought by A. BOM 3 step ultra moisture mask. Milena had the chance to try it multiple times when an extra boost and hydration was needed, especially during periods when she has a lot of modeling work and skin needs to look perfect, always and everyday.


miloon a by bom 3 step ultra moisture blog


This mask is known to employ vegetable essential oils and fermentation complex extracts to soothe busy people’s tired skin. It helps to rejuvenate and lock moisture into skin.

This mask works in 3 steps:

1. EYE SERUM: vegetable essential oils soothe this thin and care-needing area and target wrinkles, fine lines and dark circles.

2. CREAM-ESSENCE: infused with a vegetable complex extracts, it provides a sheer amount of hydration, while boosting the radiance.

3. LYOCELL MASK: when applied above the cream-essence, it helps to maintain the active ingredients onto skin and boost their absorption. Soaked with fresh herbs and a fermented vegetable complex, this mask balance the natural hydration level while treating the skin.

This mask is designed for all skin types, but especially for highly dehydrated, dry or stressed skin.


Apple – it provides essential nutrients to balance the natural hydration level of skin.

Chamomille – it softens, moisturizes and soothes stressed and irritated skin.

Aloe vera – a super-plant that reveals multiple benefits: hydrating, tightening, soothing. Moreover it has proven anti-wrinkles power and is just great for balancing the uneven skin levels.

Witch hazel extract– it revitalizes the skin and helps to reduce excess of sebum.


Combination sensitive (with some sensitive skin characteristics).


miloon a by bom 3 step ultra moisture blogPRODUCT TEXTURE.

I love the texture of every part of this mask. Eye serum is a thick liquid, but it get absorbed really well. Second step is the cream. This is my favorite part of this mask, as it is lightweight, super smooth and extra hydrating at the same time. I particularly appreciated the silky texture. This sheet mask adheres well to the face, as it is a thin and eco-friendly cupro sheet.


For me eye serum has a little citrusy scent. Cream scent is my heaven! I just love it and I would like to spread this cream all over my body. It’s hard to describe: this mask has a really light scent, something between flowers and fruits.


– It is 3 step treatment, it’s easy to pack while traveling. This is a very important thing to me, as I can carry more products in 1 sheet mask;
– It has the effect of a premium SPA treatment;
– It leaves my skin incredibly plumped, hydrated and smooth, just like a baby. That’s truly the  brand’s promise);
– after use, my skin has a healthy glow;
– It really takes care about my under eye area- not all of the masks do.


Can’t fond any cons. It’s just amazing… sorry 🙂


I really like to use A by BOM 3 step ultra moisture mask when my skin is stressed and when it needs hydration and healthy glow. It doesn’t make my skin feeling heavy; it doesn’t break out my skin- which is a big plus for such an strongly hydrating and nourishing mask.

It is my proven way to achieve a beautiful skin in a product that does what it says.

So if you are dreaming about ’’baby skin’’ – this mask will be perfect for you. I recommend to give it a try. Just but be careful as you might get easily addicted.