TAT x MILOON – “Beauty Flies” collaboration Launch – Miloon Beautiful Art.



TAT Design Studio conceived the Beauty Flies project for Miloon. This is a series of artworks that describe a playful world to celebrate the arrival of spring.

This collaboration is the first installment of  the MILOON BEAUTIFUL ART project. This  new and exciting adventure has been created to sublimate the ever-growing link between art and beauty , through collaborations with artists and designers within our network. We are pleased to kick off this project with the Milanese design studio TAT, Tête-à-tête. They have created a set of artworks entitled Beauty Flies, inspired by spring and the idea of natures’ rebirth and glow.

What is TAT?

TAT means Tête-à-tête. This project is born from the belief that the best ideas arise from listening, dialogue and collaboration. TAT is composed by two young creatives who understood design as a “serious game” and managed to transform it into a studio. 

The areas investigated through design activities and creative consulting are fashion, graphics and design.

As they put it:

“We think that design and art have the function of creating moments of surprise, through a harmonious mix of thoughts, irony and beauty. Our projects tell stories and want to bring poetry into everyday life.”

Beauty Flies for Miloon.

The ‘Beauty Flies’ project explores the theme of metamorphosis and rebirth. Spring blooms and with it the skies and flowering meadows are filled with elegant insects in constant transformation. In a small flowery carousel, five pastel-colored butterflies celebrate the beauty of change with lightness, simplicity and luminosity, interpreting the steps of Korean skincare in transition to spring: Exfoliating, Light creams, Eye Creams, Sunscreen, Sheet Masks.

Dive deep the wonderful universe they designed for us and make sure to support TAT. Follow their instagram account and stay tuned: there’s a huge amount of exciting new projects we have in store to celebrate spring.