STRESS: Signs that your body is seeking help.


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With Halloween, Thanks Giving, BlackFriday and a whole lump of Christmas presents to set up in advance, November is surely a joyous time. Yet the counterpart might be a whole lotta of stress with attached side effect hitting your skin and body. They say that this is all in your mind, yet stress can physically show up in many ways. This manifestation contributes to generate lack of confidence and an even more stress like in a don yard spiral. Let’s have a look to the 8 main reasons stress is hitting on you, bearing in mind that today is Relaxing Sunday and you are on, where the solution to your problems are just a click away.


miloon stress blog



Stress has a proven and strong influence on common skin conditions and can be both the cause of their onset or an aggravator. Cortisol and other stress hormones are thought to trigger the release of inflammatory compounds by skin cells, contributing to conditions such as psoriasis, atopic eczema, alopecia, rosacea and acne. When these symptoms are are showing up these which can effect confidence and be a source of further stress in themselves. Make sure to check the Miloon guide to acne to get immediate remedies on the go.


Food intolerances can manifest when the cells lining our digestive tract become damaged. This make possible for larger food proteins to cross into circulation and confuses the immune system. The result? An immediate inflammatory response when certain foods are eaten.


Our stress hormone Cortisol is in charge of suppressing immune cells, meaning our ability to fight off germs, viruses and other invaders is sunk down. This leaves us more prone to infections when we are stressed.


Many highly stressed people have difficulty getting off to sleep or staying asleep through the night. Despite often feeling tired throughout the day. You can bet our adrenal glands are struggling when you get more energies right before bed time. Stress hormones can cause hyperarousal, upsetting the balance between sleep and wakefulness.


Stress level controls both anxiety and depression. This is even more true on particularly stressful periods when panic attacks and low mood shows up more frequently. Stress reduction and being gentle on yourself therefore play a key part in managing mood disorders. Our memory can even play tricks on us and concentration can become even more difficult, due to reduced Hyppocmpus activity, where our memory reside and increases activity in the amygdala, where response to fears and panic .are induced


It’s a hormones’ thing. Stress can be a real passion extinguisher as it interfere with your sex hormones. Cortisol is made from the same building blocks as estrogen, progesterone and testosterone. When the cortisol pathway is up-regulated, our sex hormone pathway is going to be down-regulated so to cope with the increased demand. That’s how libido is killed.


Stress-reduction techniques goes hand on hand with an increase in the chances of conception This is because reductions in cortisol levels are associated with regulation of proteins within the uterine lining connected to implantation and increases in blood flow to the uterus.