Masks in the transition to Spring Routine: Why are They Important?



Spring Transition Masks and Routines are an essential combination that are part of the ritual of beauty oriented to obtain the much coveted glow and a head turning glass skin. In Springtime is essential to take care of your skin properly. Pollution, UV rays, atmospheric agents such as temperature changes between indoors and outdoors, heating and air conditioning in closed environments, are among the main causes of dehydration of the skin and its deterioration. This inevitably leads to premature aging. But this is not all. Forget the much longed-for splendour. Without the appropriate precautions, the terror of a dull, greyish complexion is always around the corner.

How can Masks Help Us Achieve the Perfect Skin Through Our Spring Routine?

One of the first goals of a beauty mask is to revitalize the skin after the dark of the long summer months. It must be said that deep nourished skin is a skin that looks healthy and bright as much as we like to say… shine with its own light.

In this sense, face masks are not only an essential ritual that allows us to relax and meditate. Since these are express treatments that incorporate more steps than a routine, they are also an excellent solution to enhance the effects that we want to achieve from our beauty routine.

In fact, our K-Beauty guide to the routine of transition to spring has revealed a scenario composed of 4 fundamental actions, which correspond to as many fundamental steps of Korean cosmetics. The Spring Mantra Renews, Nourishes, Protects, Glows includes a special focus on cleansers, scrubs and exfoliants, face creams and eye contours, sun creams and masks. This is to better face the pitfalls of spring that, behind the pleasure of longer days, warmer climates, hide the danger of developing more expression lines, sunburn and erythema. This could lead you to have a less healthy skin and become prey of irritation and congestion, if you do not switch to products more in line with the new season.

But that’s not all: good weather and longer days also means more time to spend outside the house. However, we all know that nothing threatens a beauty routine, more than the lack of constancy. With its compact and practical packaging, masks allows you to continue your routine anywhere, even while traveling.

So let’s review the basics of using beauty masks in our beauty routine in spring, so that we can take full advantage of them in our skin care regime.

Product Feature:

Yadah Revitalizing Jelly Pack.

Yadah Revitalizing Jelly Pack is a tissue mask that contains 5000 PPM of Ginseng root extracts, avocado and hydrolyzed collagen to give the skin elasticity and vitality.

The dense gelatinous essence of this mask ensures that the product is not liquid and does not drip, making it very easy to use at any time of day. This way you won’t ever interrupt your routine. Even on the go.

Types of Masks:

Korean Beauty Routine philosophy distinguishes between two types of masks: sheet masks and liquid masks.  Liquid or modelling masks are “gum effect masks”, thanks to their ability to transform from a gelatinous substance to a thick and rubbery mask that seals the nutrients deep into the skin. Instead, sheet masks use a layer that can have different composition.

Product Feature:

Black Pearl Premium Ampoule Modelling Mask.

The ultimate cleaning treatment. Purifying, Refreshing, Shrinking on the pores, these are the 3 main functions of Black Pearl Premium Ampoule Modeling Mask that thanks to the advanced “Esthetician Formula” of Gold and Chitosan awakens your skin and your senses in a youthful splendor.

Korean Sheet Masks: What are They?

Sheet mask is one of the categories of Korean cosmetics that has made K-Beauty world wide phenomenon. This is because it’s practical, effective, relaxing and moreover…. fun. A sheet mask consists of a cloth soaked in ingredients that are good for the leather. Generally, sheet masks consist of expressed and enhanced skincare solutions. These are a vast world: they can be specific to a certain type of skin, designed to combat a specific skin problem, or they can offer a particular benefit. They are generally attributable to specific steps of Korean cosmetics such as serum step, essence, moisturizer, to which functions can be added also afferent to other steps and, depending on the type of mask, can be summarized in a single product.

How do Korean sheet masks work?

Perhaps not everyone knows that tissue masks use transdermal technology. Initially developed for pharmaceutical purposes, this technology was mainly used for the treatment of burns and wounds. The mechanism behind its operation allows the ingredients to melt best in the skin and to work effectively, avoiding annoying rubbing or unwanted contact.

In addition, the tissue that makes up the mask, prevents the beneficial substances to evaporate quickly from the skin. In this way, favouring the absorption of the nutritive principles by the skin, the tissue masks have an even greater efficacy, in the time foreseen for the application.

The fabric, or sheet, can be composed of different materials, which usually vary between four types.

Here we display them in order of performance, calculated according to the ability of the sheet to adhere to the face, the potential for penetration of substances into the skin and the mobility that allows during application.

Non-woven fibre.

Surely the entry-level as far as the technological aspect of Korean beauty masks is concerned. The masks in non-woven fiber allow a mobility not exactly easy and a capacity to convey in serum in the skin of basic level.


Cotton is a natural material that has a good ability to adhere to the face and let the nutrients penetrate the skin. It is one of the most widely used materials in the manufacture of Korean sheet masks.


The Idrogel represents an excellent absorption system, characterized by an important degree of technological development. As the name suggests, the hydrogel has a gel-like consistency and is composed of two separate parts, an upper part and a lower part, both to be applied to the face, which ensure that the mask adheres best to the shape of the face.

Bio-cellulose. A premium material, which directly reflects the high technological content of masks of this type. It’s the diamond point of sheet masks. Of completely natural origin because obtained by the action of “good bacteria”, bio cellulose is thinner than hydrogel, which allows a perfect ability to adhere to the skin. The bio cellulose masks have the best absorption properties of the masks on the market, ensuring a high degree of mobility, which makes them extremely comfortable.

Product Feature:

Pibu 3 steps to Beauty.

3 STEPS TO BEAUTY is a complete treatment designed by beauty professionals to visibly improve the appearance of your skin. It contains a powerful set of the most effective active ingredients that deeply regenerate the skin, restoring vitality and strengthening the natural barrier. The skin becomes perfectly nourished, silky, smooth and radiant.

The treatment consists of 3 phases. In the first phase, the active serum provides a dose of antioxidants known to neutralize free radicals, preventing skin damage. This serum also moisturizes the skin and improves the absorption of active ingredients.

In the second set, a bio cellulose mask deeply nourishes the skin and restores its youthful and healthy appearance. Also thanks to the composition of the sheet, the mask contains powerful plant extracts, vitamins and other highly effective ingredients with rejuvenating and regenerating effects. The last step is a serum thanks to the high content of vitamin C, the serum smoothes, brightens and visibly evens out the skin. Moisturizes and protects against harmful factors.

pibu 3 step to beauty mask

What are the benefits of a Korean Beauty Mask?

As we have seen, a mask is nothing more than a treatment or intensive, which, because of its composition, allows the skin to absorb the principles that it contains at its fullest. There are many types of Korean beauty masks, as far as the technology with which they are made is concerned. However, the benefits that these can bring can be traced back to the following groups of effects.

Deeply Moisturize and Soften Skin Affected by Dehydration, Brightening Complexion.

Product Feature:

Pibu Brightening Mask.

This illuminating mask is an excellent remedy for tired complexion and irregular skin tone. Its genuine and illuminating ingredients revitalize the skin and reduce visible dark spots, making the complexion radiant, toned and healthy. A perfect ally for skincare transitioning to spring, which also neutralizes the harmful effects of UV rays, unhealthy nutrition and stress.
After just one use, your skin becomes visibly bright and vivid. It is characterized by a regenerating and protective complex that minimizes the effects of skin damage from exposure to external factors and provides intense regeneration and nourishment.
Meanwhile, an illuminating complex increases the luminosity and visibly soothes the skin, making it radiant and, helps to remove dark spots, restores a healthy luminosity. This mask is recommended for dull, tired or weak skin that suffers from discoloration and irregular skin tone; skin in need of regeneration and recovery of its natural radiance.

pibu brightening mask

Product Feature:

Jumiso First Skin Brightening Mask.

Jumiso First Skin Brightening Mask is enriched with essential nutrients and vitamins to give the skin an unprecedented radiance. Made from ultra-soft, thin and breathable Cupro sheet, the Jumiso mask is designed to contain up to ten times more essence than normal cotton masks, which means more nourishment and hydration for the skin.

Fighting the Signs of Time.

Product Feature:

Marine Jewel Nourishing Mask.

Marine Jewel Nourishing Mask uses the power of the ocean to provide a moisturizing treatment that will restore radiance to the skin. This anti-aging face mask uses a powerful blend of S-Marine Jewel, seawater and oysters to bring deep levels of moisture, nutrients and minerals to create a fresh, radiant complexion.


Give More Elasticity to the Skin.

Product Feature:

Shangpree Gold Premium Modeling Mask.

Shangpree brings the luxury of a spa directly to your home with this moisturizing and anti-aging mask. Shangpree Gold Premium Modeling Mask is formulated with ingredients such as Gold, alginate, aloe leaf and purslane extract, to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, moisturize and regenerate the skin, leaving it fresh, full of elasticity and vitality. Each session will give you a more compact, moisturized and youthful looking skin.

Purify the Skin Thoroughly.

Product Feature:

Pibu Green Tea Purifying Clay Mask.

Green Tea Purifying Clay Mask is a purifying clay mask based on green tea, a valuable aid for skin with imperfections. The clay absorbs excess oils, removes impurities and cleanses the rashes, giving the skin a balanced and matt appearance. If you’re looking for a way to cleanse and shrink pores without drying out your skin, this clay mask will get you the desired effects.

pibu green tea purifying clay mask

Stimulate Microcirculation Within the Different Layers of the Skin.

Product Feature:

Shangpree Sparkling Mask.

Eliminate dull skin with the Sparkling Mask by Shangpree, a cleansing mask that sweeps away impurities giving radiance to the complexion. The CO2-based formula begins to act immediately after application, through micro bubbles that perform a deep cleaning and charcoal that removes impurities and bacteria from the pores in depth, helping to minimize the risk of future vents. The mask also helps to increase microcirculation, as it contains blueberry, one of the most famous antioxidants, to restore high levels of moisture and lighten the complexion.


Nourish the Skin Deeply and Protect it.

Product Feature:

Huangjisoo Red Fruit Brightening Mask.

Huangjisoo Red Fruit Brightening Mask is an anti-wrinkle mask with red fruit composed of 99.5% of plant material such as apple extract. Apples, grown in unspoilt areas of Switzerland, are rich in Acerol and Vitamin C, which nourish and revitalize dull and irregular skin, while a filter of Fermentose Galactomioso makes the skin brighter. Each mask contains mushroom extract that keeps the humectants at a rate higher than 120% compared to hyaluronic acid.

Balance the Hydrolipidic Level of the Skin by Restoring its Physiological pH.

Product Feature:

Beauty Planner Lily Whitening Plus Brightening Mask.

It’s a cellulose mask based on lily extract that gives a superb moisturizing and lightening effect. Contains niacinamide, which evens out skin tone. This mask is made of natural cellulose, adheres gently to the skin giving essential nutrients. It is worth spending a few more words on the quality of the cellulose sheet, a patented 3-layer structure that contains a more valuable nutrient essence. Gives greater flexibility and does not cause irritation, delicate, smooth texture to the touch.

MANEFIT lily whitening brightening mask

Give more Compactness and Plumness.

Product Feature:

A. by BOM Ultra Floral Leaf Mask.

A new generation of masks that comes from the creativity of A. by BOM.
Ultra Flower Leaf Mask is a 2-in-1 deep facial treatment infused with a natural plant serum that brightens and replumps the skin.

It consists of 2 elements to be superimposed: Ultra-floral Patches and an ultra-floral Leaf Mask. The Ultra-floral Patches concentrate their action on the areas of the face that need a particular boost of elasticity and brightness: eye contour, V line, wrinkles around the mouth. With extracts of cherry blossom and peach blossom, the patches nourish, moisturize and increase the vitality of tired and tired skin. Finally, the Ultra Floral Leaf Mask is an ultra-thin biodegradable lyocell sheet mask to be placed on the patches to capture the active ingredients closest to the skin.
Infused with flower extracts such as rose, lotus or camellia, it revitalizes the skin and retains water.

A by Bom 2 step ultra floral leaf mask

Beauty Routine to the Top: The Miloon Mask Kit.

As we have seen, there are so many factors to consider when choosing a mask. To assist this decision, miloon has created the Mask Kit: an assortment of seven sheet masks selected from the best K-Beauty brands according to the type of skin, enclosed in an elegant and practical metallic-looking case. You could think of the miloon mask kit as your subscription to a beauty gym, with a collection of products designed to offer several advantages. All masks are strictly produced in Korea and are characterized by being smart and high performance cosmetics, which allow you to see visible results right away. Using only active ingredients of natural origin, the masks selected by miloon are characterized by ‘high technology in the processes of production and extraction of ingredients, always cruelty free and in line with Italian and European regulations. In addition to the classic mask kit, which assists in some of the fundamental steps of the beauty routine, there are two other categories of mask kits: The Mask kit Premium, which offers a selection of even more exclusive and performing masks and the line of mask kits Again. The latter is divided into three special selections, each collecting seven masks aimed at restoring the original condition of the skin with regard to cleanliness, youth, radiance with the lines Clear again, Young Again and Glow.

Spring Masks: Glow Kit.

In spring, “the skin is tired from winter dehydration and lack of light that can help turn off its radiance. That’s why miloon created “Glow”, the mask kit from the Again line. “Again” is a selection of seven beauty masks designed to make the skin perfect by restoring its natural radiance.

In fact, “Glow” is the English term for the property of a surface to create the illusion of its own light, and it is synonymous with healthy, radiant, uniformly toned skin and embodies the ultimate ideal to which any self-respecting beauty regime tends. Expecially when transitioning to Springtime.

Like all miloon mask kits, “Glow” is the perfect combination of style and performance. In fact, the masks of the mask kit “Glow” are selected among the best Korean cosmetic brands and are collected in a special metal case rose gold really glam.

Miloon Mask kit glow again

Are you getting the most out of every one of your masks?

As we have said several times, the tissue masks concentrate different steps of the Korean Beauty Routine, usually those of the application of serums, ampoules and essences. The design and features with which the sheet masks are designed enhance their effectiveness, because they make the skin absorb it better. Follow these simple golden rules to make sure you always get the most out of this cuddly ritual.

Start with Double Cleansing.

Before applying the mask, always start with the double cleansing, the Korean ritual for always clean skin. Think of your skin as a canvas on which to go and make a beautiful work of art: it is of fundamental importance that it be perfectly cleaned in order to benefit from the precious principles contained in the formulations. Before you build the scaffolding embodying the philosophy of Korean beauty, make sure you start from the ground up. We talked in a very extensive way about Double cleansing, the cleaning ritual that involves cleaning in two acts, using two different detergents, the first oil-based and the second water-based. The oil-based cleanser removes make-up remains and other impurities, followed by a water-based cleanser to remove hydrophilic elements. For deep cleaning.

Korean Beauty’s thinking reminds us that there’s no limit to detention. For this reason, there are those who have brought double cleansing to a new high, with the Triple Cleansing, of which you can read all about here.

Continue with the Toner for your skin type.

While restoring the skin’s pH balance, toner helps remove pollutants and detergent residues. The toner soothes the skin and prepares it to absorb the product provided by the next steps. For all the toners on sale on miloon, you can see this page

Applying the mask: the importance of staking out.

If you remove the excess essence on your face with a handkerchief or cotton swab, it’s as if you’re washing your face. This will leave you losing the nourishing power of the active ingredients. Actually, you should also take advantage of the last drop of essence. Staking the residue to force absorption by the skin is a must. If there is any more left, do not wash it away but apply it on the neck and décolleté.

The Routine After the Mask: Eye Cream, Moisturizer and Sunscreen.

Remember: a beauty routine does not end with a mask. For visible results, do not forget to apply the eye cream and then complete with a moisturizer, which will help seal the active ingredients of your mask by adding successive layers. Moreover, we will never be able to repeat often enough: sunscreen is essential to protect the skin from sun damage and weathering. In spring as well as in winter. Some masks or moisturizers already have sun protection, be sure to combine the SPF factor optimally. You will find more useful information about our K-Beauty sun protection guide. You’ll find it here.

How Long do You Have to Let the Sheet Mask On?

In the case of the duration of the application of sheet masks, the “Better” rules do not apply. Depending on the technology used in the construction and the active ingredients, each mask has a recommended application time, which usually never exceeds 20 minutes. Keeping a mask for longer, such as in sleep, could not only be useless but could even prove counterproductive. In fact, it could trigger a phenomenon known as “reverse osmosis”. The term osmosis indicates the diffusion of the solvent (often water) through a semi-permeable membrane (which then passes solvent and not solute). The movement of water takes place from a region with a lower concentration of solute to a region with a higher concentration, therefore against a concentration gradient, i.e. activity.

Osmosis is a Spontaneous Physical Process, i.e. without external energy supply, which tends to dilute the most concentrated solution, and to reduce the difference in concentration. This causes a passage of principles, carried by the water, from one side to the other of a permeable membrane. The net solvent flow can be counteracted by applying pressure to the highest concentration compartment. If the applied pressure exceeds the osmotic pressure, we obtain reverse osmosis. This is the process in which the passage of solvent molecules from the more concentrated solution to the less concentrated solution is forced, obtained by applying to the more concentrated solution a pressure greater than the osmotic pressure. Reverse osmosis is achieved when a membrane holds the solute on one side, preventing its passage and allowing the pure solvent to be obtained from the other. This results in a loss of nutrients, which in this case would directly return to the mask from the skin. Remember not to overdo it. Respect the times indicated by the labels.

Product Feature:

A by BOM 3 Step Ultra Moisture Mask.

Ultra Moisture Mask is infused with essential vegetable oils and complex fermented extracts that rejuvenate and block moisture in the skin. This mask is suitable for all skin types, especially dehydrated, dry or stressed skin.

It works in 3 steps: An Eye Contour Serum, An Essence in Cream, A Mask in Lyocell.

An Eye Contour Serum with vegetable essential oil soothes that fine area by eliminating wrinkles, fine lines and bags under the eyes. The Cream Essence infused with a complex of plant extracts provides a pure amount of moisture, while increasing the brightness.
Finally, the lyocell mask should be applied over the essence to maintain the active ingredients on the skin and increase absorption. Infused with fresh herbs and a fermented plant complex, this mask balances the natural level of hydration while soothing the skin.

A by Bom 3 step ultra moisture mask

This episode ends here, merging two interesting themes whose discussion in the world of Korean cosmetics does not seem to be calmed down: that of beauty masks and that of the spring routine. To understand the relationship between them, we wanted to deepen the concept of mask in the K-Beauty and then go to understand the implications for a beauty regime more suited to the warm months. We’ve seen so many proposals, based on the skincare goals we want to achieve, with particular emphasis on the Miloon Mask Kits, the revolutionary miloon sets specific for skin type or skincare goals that allow you to enhance the effectiveness of our Korea Beauty Routine. Make sure to check the products and stay tuned in for the next episode.