SPRING SKIN AWAKES: Introducing Miloon’s very Own 4 step spring transition skincare.

Skincare Spring transition for everyone.



Now that springtime is finally officially here, it’s mandatory to make some important twists to our usual skincare routine.  In fact, skin changes over time and from season to season. Springtime skin transition is necessary when the weather shifts from cold and dry to humid and moist. In spring, our natural oil-levels in our body comes back after a dry winter. This means the products in our routine products, and the way we use them, need to change too.

What is the main difference between winter and spring time routine?

Winter skin requires a certain level of care, including heavy moisturizer and lots of hydration. As we discussed in our winter skin guides, we spent a massive amount of time layering serums, balms, and oils.  Now, spring is here, we should not let the guard down. In fact, warmer air and increased humidity could harms our skin creating a shock. The correct skin care transition need to act on five variables, following five main products categories that need to change: Exfoliator, Light Creams, Eye Creams and Patches, Sunscreen, Masks.

Introducing Miloon’s very own 4 Steps Springtime transition Routine.

We are glad to introduce you to Miloon transition 4 skincare step to drive the perfect transition to skincare. This can be summed up by five skincare imperatives RENEWS, NOURISH, PROTECT, GLOW. Each and everyone is linked to a specific product category in your skincare routine you should remember to adapt to the season. Please remind that the other essential steps like for example Cleansing, should be maintained. At any cost 🙂




Exfoliator is crucial step of every K-Beauty transition routine. But why should you exfoliate your skin in Spring?

During the winter months, exfoliating might just strip moisture from your skin and leave it looking irritated and dry. This would just add more dryness to the already winter-induced skin dryness.

Springtime transition suggests us it’s now time to uncover fresh new layers of skin and improve the texture of your skin with a regular exfoliation. If you have never done it before, check out Miloon K-Beauty Guide to exfoliation and check out how to choose the perfect exfoliator for your skin. Like the all-time-classic Klairs Gentle Black Sugar Facial Polish. This is a premium face scrub with natural moisturizers. This is powered by black sugar, shea butter, and cranberry oil to smooth the skin. Black sugar aids in the removal of dead skin cells and blackheads.




Swap heavier formulations for lighter ones and add an eye care treatment.

Leave heavy treatment creams behind in favor of lighter formulas.  Such formulation will allow your skin to breathe and even up its levels. As usual, you should listening to your skin. It will tell you when it needs more moisture. Nutrition is always a must, but now its time to go light on some steps like moisturizing. For example, you could try a light moisturizer like Frudia Citrus Brightening Cream. This miraculous cream, which uses only ingredients of natural origin, maximizing the goodness of vitamin C to lighten, moisturize, nourish and delay the signs of aging. Also, spring could be the right time to dedicate some love to the eye area. Something like  Shangpree Gold Hydrogel Eye Mask, an anti-aging treatment that helps to minimize signs of fatigue. The soothing hydrogel mask is packed full of botanicals to nourish and hydrate the skin, while a potent combination of Gold, Aloe Vera and Cucumber helps to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles whilst supporting the natural cell renewal process. Expect bright, soothed and rejuvenated results.




Why sunscreen is crucial for spring transition?

Sunscreen any day of the year is K-Beauty best kept secret. In fact, as opposite to western skincare culture, Korean cosmetics’s philosophy believes sunscreen offers adeguate protection to damaging sun rays and pollutants, two of the main factors that promotes skin aging, Last year we discussed this thoroughly in our Miloon Guide to Sunscreen: make sure to check it out to learn how to choose the sunscreen that fits you. There is plenty of different sunscreens to choose from. A staple Power Block Essence Sun Cream and Daily Stick SPF50 + PA ++++. We recently spoke about this amazing sun protection that comes  in the form of both a cream and a stick. Suitable for all skin types, these two products ensure maximum protection thanks to soothing ingredients such as Centella asiatica and baobab. With a delicate and pleasant fragrance, they are indispensable for the last and important step of your beauty routine, which we often tend to forget.



4) GLOW.

Springtime is the season when nature rebirth and the right masks are the right weapon to shine bright.

Masks, our beloved ritual is, still a mainstay. However some masks are just the perfect addition to our beauty regimen for spring transition and extra glow. Like for example 3 STEPS TO BEAUTY. This is a complete treatment designed by beauty professionals to boost your skin’s appearance visibly. It contains a powerful set of the most efficient active ingredients which deeply regenerate the skin, restoring vitality and strengthening its natural barrier, thanks to the combination of an Active Serum, A Regenerating Sheet Mask and a Finishing Serum. Your skin becomes perfectly nourished, silky smooth and bright.

Deep dive into Miloon’s Five Step Skin care. This calls for some spring-specific product shopping. Checkout miloon.eu Whoopy 😀