Son & Park Beauty Water

Son&Park “Beauty Water” is neither toner nor cleanser. From exfoliating to pH balancing toner, it’s a multi-purpose all in one smart product.

Beauty water gently revitalizes skin without irritation with 94% of Natural origin. It is made of water, orange peel extract, rose water, witch hazel water and extracts & oil from many other natural plants, which are ingredients that are known to help to balance and reset your skin.

The creators of Son & Park, who are two celebrity make-up artists in Korea, said, “having complicated, difficult effort for beauty is unnecessary. That’s why we invention Beauty Water simply but perfect”.

It’s simple and convenient to use. All you need to do is get an appropriate amount of the Beauty Water with a cotton pad and gently wipe the face, starting from the center working outward.

Balancing toner: it is perfect to use as a prep product before rest of the skincare routine. It will re-balance your skin back to its natural pH level with no sticky or filmy residue.

Exfoliator: with ingredients like willow bark and papaya extracts beauty water gently exfoliates the dead skin and cleans all the surface impurities.

Cleanser: as micelle water, beauty water is also effective as removing makeup. It gently removes the makeup from your skin and even helps to avoid premature wrinkling.

Refresher: it’s also perfect before working out, preparing your skin before make up and even to refresh your skin during daytime and a long travel journey.