Shangpree Premium Modeling Mask.



GOLD, SILVER and BLACK. The Mask Monday on could have started better, with the new masks by Premium Modeling Shangpree, just landed on Shangpree is the Korean premium brand that, with its precious, natural and technological treatments, has managed to conquer the world starting from an humble spa. The Premium Modeling masks have an even greater ability to adhere to the skin and are formulated with truly precious and performing ingredients such as Silver Gold and Coal, to give greater purity, moisturizing effect and fight the signs of time. As they say… quality pays off. Always.



Gold Premium Modeling Mask.

Gold Premium Modeling Mask brings the luxury of a spa to your home with this moisturizing and anti-aging affect. Shangpree Gold Premium Modeling Mask is formulated with ingredients such as Gold, alginate, aloe leaf and purslane extract, to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, moisturize and regenerate the skin, leaving it fresh, full of elasticity and vitality.

Each session will leave you looking more compact, hydrated and younger looking.

It adheres perfectly to the skin by blocking nutrients without dripping, while also providing a comfortable feeling. Gold Premium Modeling Mask is extremely moisturizing: it provides a slight refreshing effect after application, at the same time, it intensely moisturizes the skin and nourishes it for a long time. In addition, gold has a strong firming and anti-ageing effect: it contains gold extract, alginate, aloe leaf and purslane extract, with anti-aging action. It restores the elasticity of the skin, removes dead cells, dirt and improves its structure.


Silver Premium Modeling Mask.

Shangpree Silver Premium Modeling Mask is infused with silk amino acids that help replenish collagen giving the skin strength, texture and elasticity.

The Silver Gel is formulated with ingredients that help lighten the skin for a brighter and healthier complexion.

Black Premium Modeling Mask.

Shangpree Black Premium Modeling Mask is infused with charcoal, known to help purify and detoxify the skin, refining the pores and purifying the skin. For a cleaner and healthier appearance.

Don’t settle for the usual masks and choose to treat yourself to something exclusive. Choose the Premium Modelling Mask by Shangpree. Your skin will be grateful.