SEASON STORY: New Year, New Skin.

More Masks and More Time For Ourselves: An Essential Binomial.

Holidays are always too short. We walked through a black hole that went straight through the Christmas tree, through countless dinners, vigils and regained consciousness sitting at our office desk, with the phone ringing non-stop. And as if that weren’t enough, we end up with not too perfect, dehydrated and not very bright skin. We feel the need to find our inner balance and dedicate time to ourselves. You don’t know how? No problem. Here are three tips to get the momentum going, to match with a special selection of 5 masks. To find your inner self, have perfect skin and face the New Year in the best possible way.

A New Beginning for Your Skin.

January is the time when, driven by our best intentions, we formulate our good intentions for the new year. And taking care of ourselves always comes first. Perhaps it will be thanks (or blame) to the sumptuous family banquets during the holidays, a fact that we can not avoid feeling somehow alarmed by the sense of coercion that we feel by lacing our jeans, definitely tighter in the waistline area. And if we look in the mirror, we realize that even our skin is not at the top. We understand then that the time has come to act directly on those wrong habits that damage beauty and balance, to return to a moisturized, radiant and toned skin in a few days.

Why does the skin look tired and dull after the Christmas holidays?

As you will know if you follow our blog, the Latin motto “We Are What We Eat” marks a principle that none of us can deny. But there’s more. If we combine an unhealthy diet with an equally despicable lifestyle, made up of a lack of rules, timetables, the situation can only get worse. And you can see the effects right away. Due to the numerous tears in the rule we make during the Christmas holidays, our skin can become dull, dull and dehydrated. Not only that, the cold winter months make the skin cracked, dehydrated and often stressed.

When the Christmas holidays come back, your physical and mental well-being should be a priority. Unfortunately, however, because of the many commitments one is subjected to, too often one tends to neglect the skin, the body and even the mind.

Three Tips for a 2020 with the Bang.

Back to you. Considering yourself a priority is definitely an existential driver, which will allow you to improve your appearance, increase your self-confidence and also become a guide for others.

Because when we feel good about ourselves, you can see right away and we are even more desirable for others. The solution therefore is to devote time to yourself and to the care of your health, both mental and physical.

Avoid laziness.

It faces each task as a challenge to be successfully completed. Start with the skin: always remember to carry out a deep cleansing. You will immediately see improvements in your routine, simply because the products will take hold sooner. Because there’s no need to cheat. The only perfect skin is healthy skin. As we love to say… the skin… is the mirror to the soul.

Don’t go along with the stress.

Always being in a rush, never taking a break and always having a busy schedule, is a wrong habit that is detrimental to physical and mental well-being.

Take a moment for yourself. In addition to strictly respecting your skincare routine, training in the gym for your skin, give her a few small gifts. A tasteful musical selection, an herbal tea and a mask. It takes very little to break the trance. To get the momentum going again.

Sleep Well.

This is the last but not the least of our advice. Sleep is a key factor in the recovery of body and mind because it promotes cell metabolism and melatonin production. Before you go to sleep, try to detoxify yourself from the harmful radiation from smartphone and computer screens because they not only disturb the I am, but also accelerate the skin’s aging process. To maximize your rest, we recommend using a sleeping mask. The one made by Miloon, for example, is made of hypoallergenic silk and is absolutely glam.

Here is now a selection of masks to take off and start 2019 with a Bang! Discover them today on

Missha Mascure Rescue Solution Sheet Mask (Madecassoside)

Missha Mascure Rescue Solution is a pleasantly soft mask based on Madecassoside, a molecule extracted from Asian centella, which helps to relax weak skin and improve its general condition. Its delicate formula makes it perfect for all skin types: even sensitive skin.

By Wishtrend Natural Vitamin 21.5% Enhancing Sheet Mask

By Wishtrend Natural Vitamin 21.5% is a sheet mask designed to moisturize and calm the skin.
It contains as much as 21.5% of extra vitamin serum, to promote a lightening, moisturizing, calming and anti-ageing effect.

Among the vitamins present, the natural vitamin C extracted from Hippophae Rhamnoides stands out, which has a 1.3 times higher absorption capacity than normal vitamin C. and for an energizing kick, use this mask in combination with the ByWishtrend serum. You’ll see, you’ll be amazed.

Shangpree Aroma Blend Calming Mask.

Shangpree Aroma Blend Calming Mask is an aromatherapy mask enriched with Neroli Oil, designed to soothe and soften sensitive skin.

Panthenol keeps the skin hydrated while helping to improve texture. A celestial mask designed to calm both skin and mind thanks to its aromatherapy blend of chamomile, neroli and orange blossom. For those who don’t want the best.

Mediheal I.P.I Lightmax Ampoule Mask.

Mediheal I.P.I Lightmax Ampoule is a regenerating and illuminating mask that evens out skin tone.

Thanks to one of its main components, niacinamide, the IPI Lightmax mask is able to promote the regeneration of the skin layer, in fact it is recommended to restructure skin damaged by acne and with spots.

Miloon Sleeping Mask.

The quality of our sleep has as a direct consequence the quality of our life because it is essential for our health. Researchers claim that sleeping in a completely dark room helps to improve the quality of sleep because the absence of light allows the body to produce greater amounts of Melatonin, the antioxidant hormone produced in the brain by the pineal gland that has beneficial effects on our body and controls our mood. Discover Milo on Sleeping Mask. Made of soft and precious hypoallergenic silk will be your trusted ally for impeccable skin. Take it with you at all times.