Everything you need to know about “Patting”, the Korean Skincare technique.


How does Korean woman really apply skincare products onto their face?

Is there any specific way to apply skincare products for the better result?

In Korea, it’s preferred to pat your products into your skin, which is opposed to rubbing them in.

So what is patting?

Patting is a gentler way to apply your skincare products to help absorb more efficiently or to help dry skin after cleansing. You can use your palms or fingertips to gently work the products into your skin with light tapping motions and wait until they are absorbed.

Here are some reasons why you should use patting technique and not rubbing!

– It’s less irritating for the skin.

It is always better to treat your skin with a light hand, as it can be more fragile than you’d think, especially skin around eyes! It is much less aggressive than rubbing it. Rubbing can cause inflammation and even lead to the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Patting, by pressing the products into the skin, minimizes stretching your skin and helps to preserve its natural elasticity.

– It absorbs better.

The point of applying skincare is to make sure that it sinks in and gives our skin its benefits. Patting literally presses the product into your skin. This technique will leave a thin layer of products for the skin to absorb on its own. Since you are not rubbing until the product disappears, patting will give your skin a chance to fully absorb it.

– It applies maximum amount of the product.

While you are using rubbing technique, some precious amounts of product are being misdirected to your hands instead of your face. It is unavoidable to have some product nourish the skin on your hands. For this reason, patting will definitely deliver the maximum amount of products to your face.

– It increased blood flow.

Patting lightly on your skin stimulates increased blood flow to your face, which will flush out toxins and bring natural warmth to your cheeks.

The bottom line is that your skin doesn’t like rubbing your moisturizer in. Patting in with love and tender care! It keeps wrinkles off your face and makes your products work much better 😉

So, how do you apply your skincare? Are you already a patter, or are you looking to try it out?