Neogen Milk Cream Essential Mask



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NEOGEN MILK CREAM ESSENTIAL MASK is a nourishing and lightening mask based on corn fiber, enriched with milk proteins.
Deeply moisturize the dull skin and restore the natural glow.

Main advantages:
– the effectiveness of the ampoule concentrated in the mask!
– Clinical tests completed in terms of effectiveness and safety for the skin.
– Formula without 6 harmful ingredients: does not contain parabens, artificial colors, benzophenone, sorbic acid, benzyl alcohol, TEA.

Neogen Milk Cream Essential Mask:
– Nutritional effects (40%): milk proteins have a nutritional and moisturizing effect.
– Moisturizing (40%): a complex of vitamins moisturizes the skin.
– Vitamin C contained in fruit extracts eliminates discoloration.
– Protective action (10%): grapefruit extract protects against free radicals, has antioxidant effects.

Main components:
– Milk proteins – Hydrate, nourish and smooth.
– Pine mushroom – Anti-inflammatory, nourishes the skin.
– Grapefruit – thanks to the content of vitamin C and fruit acids purifies the skin. Strengthens blood vessels, illuminates discolorations, protects against free radicals, soothes inflammation.
– Green peas – Firming, smoothing and improving skin conditions.

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How to use:
– Apply to previously cleansed and toned skin.
– Apply the mask evenly on the face, so that the holes for the eyes, nose and mouth are in the right places.
– Leave for 15-20 minutes.
– Excess essence should be gently patted into the skin.


Apply 2-3 times a week.

The product does not require rinsing.

Disposable masks.

Composition: Acqua (Aqua), butilene glicol, glicerina, alcol Denat, 1,2-esandiolo, trealosio, PEG-60 olio di ricino idrogenato, Fenil trimethicone, caprilico / caprico trigliceridi, Phaseolus radiatus estratto di semi, potassio idrossido, proteine del latte estrarre. gomma xantano, Carbomer, idrogenato lecitina, Betula platyphylla Japonica estratto di corteccia, estratto di Rumex Crispo Root, Citrus paradisi (pompelmo) Fruit Extract, Cordyceps Sinensis Extract, Pisum sativum (Pea) estratto di Tricholoma Matsutake estratto, ialuronato di sodio, fenossietanolo, Ethylhexylglycerin, Fragrance ( Parfum)


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