A Plumped Up Skin is Young, Healty and Never Tired!

Replenish Your Hydration levels for a dreamy skin… up to the next decade.

The term Plumping Effect, or Filling Effect, refers to those skin care practices that rely on unprecedented hydration to achieve skin that looks healthy but is so healthy that it instantly achieves the status of “Chok Chok”, “Glass Skin” and all the other hyperbole we were used to at the K-Beauty booth in the first hour. A must to prepare your skin for a sparkling New Year’s Eve gala look and shine through the next decade. Discover our new story and special selection on milooon.eu.

About Skin Plumping.

The Skin Plumping technique has spread rapidly thanks to a pool of renowned make-up artists (for example @nikki_makeup or @katiejanehughes ) who, using water-based foundation, give the model’s face the effect of impeccable and highly moisturized skin.

You can see for yourself. From fashion week to deepfakes, and Plumping seems to be the new watchword. And no wonder.

The Plumping Effect look that appeals to many, without distinction of gender, especially to those who no longer fall into their twenties and are about to embark on the astounding path that leads to forty and beyond.

Because let’s face it: after 30 our skin seems to have suddenly forgotten how to renew its cells.

But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a way to avoid the inexorable epidermal debacle with skin so saggy that the embarrassing Pink feathered dress at the past Grammys is overshadowed.


Thankfully, there are plenty of products to restore collagen levels to its (ancient) splendor.

Ah yes, because as you will know if you follow us, the real X-factor for pulpy turgid skin is collagen, a resistant and elastic protein, a real fundamental component of the skin. Collagen works a bit like scaffolding: it gives structure to the skin, and gives it elasticity, keeping it firm and compact.

Healthy eating, drinking a lot, using facial massages: these are undoubtedly golden rules to revive cell metabolism and achieve a plumping look. But let’s not underestimate the power of cosmetics. Creams,. exfoliating masks: the Korean cosmetic tradition is a real blessing for perfect skin.

With age, the ability of cells to renew themselves is meo. At least once or twice a week, make exfoliation part of your routine. With aging, the regeneration process of cells slows down. This means that it takes longer to release skin cells and produce new ones.

Exfoliation: a Boost for a Higher Penetration.

Exfoliation ensures that dead skin cells are constantly removed and do not accumulate, creating that very undesirable and dull appearance and, in the long run, can make the skin look even more dull and dehydrated. But that’s not all, regular exfoliation allows skin care products to better penetrate the skin, maximizing its yield (in all aspects).

The Superheroes of Hydration.

The Dream Team composed of Serum/essence together with Ampulla and Hydrating agent represent the sacred triad of hydration. If you’ve been following our After Facial skin special… well, then you know perfectly well how dehydration is a real risk and danger for all skin types. And that dry skin should not be confused with dehydrated skin. In particular, thanks to their concentrated and very specific super power, serums and essences can change your life. But be careful. Remember to apply the serum to slightly damp skin and pat it gently; you will definitely improve the penetration of the active ingredients.

Masks: Discovering our Me Time.

Effective, practical, fun. There’s no one who doesn’t love them. Sheet-masks have been the largest transmission vehicle of Korean cosmetics in the world, as well as bee venom and snail slime. Precisely because of their ability to combine natural nutrients, known from traditional Asian medicine, with the latest technologies able to enhance its effectiveness in a miraculous way: It is a concentrated treatment, a pampering for the skin that is not close to resisting. Or maybe we don’t want to.

Now let’s dive into a selection of specific products to work on the skin’s moisture quotient and push it to new heights in terms of Plumpiness. And remember, on miloon.eu you can find all the products to take care of your skin.