2018 was the year of double cleansing. If you follow K-words mag by miloon, you will surely be an expert. If not, we will gladly remind you. The double cleansing is the ritual of the Korean beauty consisting of a deep cleaning given by  not a simple single passage of detergents, but by the use of two different cleanser: a water-based and an oil-based one. The oil-based, removes makeup remains and other impurities. This is followed by a water based cleanser  to remove the hydrophilic elements. If possible Triple Cleansing – the one that, thanks also to models and actresses who are more and more attentive to catching the latest trends made in Korea – is the trend of 2019. If possible, it pushes the concept of cleaning even higher. Are you ready to discover all the secrets and discover how a make-up remover tissue can help your skin achieve glowing Saturday status?


But let’s start by clarifying one fundamental thing: Why is the cleanser step so important in Korean cosmetics? The answer is simple. A perfectly clean skin is more permeable to the products that are applied on it. With a routine consisting of a large number of steps – some K-Beauty some regimes also reach 10 – you will understand very well that the absorption capacity of the skin is a crucial factor of success.


As you can read here, Double Cleansing consists of a deep cleaning in two steps. We start with an oil-based detergent to remove impurities such as makeup, pollutants and sunscreens. Subsequently, the use of an aqueous-based detergent is provided to remove the remainder of the remnants, specifically, sweat and dirt.


But since the beginning of the year the world of cosmetics has been stormed by the Tripe Cleansing also thanks to an unprecedented social media invasion that no one. From K-Pop stars to Hollywood divas.



But what does Triple Cleansing consist of?

At the base of the Tripe Cleansing is the idea that a further layer of cleaning can only encourage the penetration by the following steps. Triple Cleansing consists of a cleaning based on three separate detergents. This triple cleaning path involves starting with a cleansing make-up remover, followed by a cleansing oil and then finishing with a gel or a foam cleaner.

But let’s go over practical, with a specific example of routine Triple Cleansing products.

1) Missha Super Aqua Perfect Cleansing Water in Tissue.

These delicate make-up remover wipes that quickly remove makeup and other contaminants leaving the skin moisturized and clean thanks to the extracts of aloe and cucumber. Easy to take anywhere, they are a real turning point, when you need to bring our routine on the go.

2) As the second step, we find an oily detergent, to gently eliminate the deep makeup, the sebum and dead cells without irritation. Miloon offers many options from the best brands like the very natural Huangjisoo brand, of which we recommend Pure Perfect Cleansing Oil because of its delicacy.

3) Finally, a foam detergent. The iconic Klairs Moist Foaming Cleanser is a timeless classic, because it is suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive ones. Yet on miloon you can find many alternatives.




Talking about Triple Cleansing gave us the opportunity to introduce you to a new category of products: the cleaning wipe. Indeed, it is a practical ally to get rid of the tenacious makeup spots, sticky sweat and accumulation dirt. All this in a fast and deep way. On miloon, other than Missha Super Aqua Perfect Cleansing Water in Tissue you can even find Deep Clean Scrub Tissue by A’Pieu that eliminates dead skin, sebum and make up. This way, all the layers coming after, will only be absorbed even better while your skin? …. boom, instant glow.

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