OPERATION RESOLUTION 2019: New year, new goals. 



The year has officially begun. The time has come to take advantage of these last days of transition before returning fully to normal life and starting to put into practice all the good intentions to make the legendary 2019 … starting with the skin. We prepared Target, a three-step guide for three different skincare objectives, with the three essential products that should never be missing in every beauty case. Introducing the Target Clear, Nourished and Glow series: this is the key to returning to shine. Let’s start by restoring the levels of cleanliness and health of the skin. Today watchword is detox. Are you ready?

Probably these days of party were a bit “challenging” for your skin. Despite our best intentions, stress from sourcing last minute gifts and family rendezvous, huge food portions portions, cakes and toasts toast and too much time spent sitting at the table, may have put the balance of the skin in turmoil. The result? The consequent accumulation of toxins and loss of brightness and radiance and hydration. But thee’s a remedy. And luckily, it’s fast enough. Start by your lifestyle. Take your old habits back from the  and start from the basics. Healthy foods, regular rest and lots of motion. The walks will help you to adjust the level of the endocrine before the great start of work, where the ability to withstand stress will be the key to making 2019 a real success.

BUT that’s not all. We surely might need some extra help. Below you will find a selection of 3 products of the same effectiveness, to keep always at hand, suitable for any type of skin. To make your skin spotless and clean.




Not just intended or those with oily skin. Start the year with a deep cleaning, choosing Frudia’s Green Grape Control, the all-natural brand that employs the exclusive R Vita W formulation. This is a technique for obtaining low-temperature nutrients in order to provide precious antioxidants to the skin. The seeds and fruit extracts are processed with extreme care, so to preserve their color and smell.

Green Grape Control reduces the visibility of the pores and controls excess oils and sebum. Balances and hydrates and improves texture and shine of the skin, and, of course, is free of parabens and alcohol. This refreshing detergent uses grape extract, rich in tannin to naturally clean the pores.

Simply more than a facial treatment, Frudia Green Grape Pore Control Scrub Cleansing Foam gently exfoliates the skin and prevents excess sebum from accumulating, which means less acne and blackheads for you, thanks to a cocktail of fruit oils ( grapes, apricot, mango, grapefruit) and lava clay from Morocco that nourish the skin.

Completely organic and free of parabens, the product does not cause irritation, because it uses only quality ingredients like the mandarin of Juju Islands, whose provenance is certified and is rich in minerals, vitamins and antioxidants, fruit juice extract (pulp, seeds , fruit peel).




LGH Tea Tree Toner belongs to the Grow Tea Tree line, a tribute to the naturalness from the angels at Leegeehaam, consisting of a toner, a spot and an essence. It’s free from parabens, dyes, synthetic perfumes, alcohol and minerals, maximizes the anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial of tea. In fact, its aesthetic effects consist in the ability to calm redness and minimize imperfections, expertly combining it with numerous extracts and active ingredients that will give splendor and relaxation to the stressed skin .

This delicate and moisturizing toner is created with 70% tea tree extract, salicylate and willow extract. This toner gently cleanses the surface of the skin and the pores. Thanks to an abundant content (over 70%) of Tea Tree extract, it offers a strong anti-inflammatory action, which calms the skin weighed down by impure impurities. In addition, a mixture of betaine salicylate (BHA) and wild willow extract helps to gently remove dead cells and minimize the occurrence of dark spots. Its non-invasive formula makes it perfect for all skin types. Must try it absolutely.




Some time ago we talked about Manefit’s Beauty Planner line, the 5 microfiber masks, each of them imbued with a specific essence with specific properties.

In this case. It is Mugwort that is just right for us. In fact, it protects from inflammation, and eliminates pores, moisturizing the skin at the same time. This beauty mask offers a radiant skin that uses salicylic acid wintergreen to gently exfoliate and clean the pores. In addition, the Centella Asiatica, calm the sensitive skin. Finally, the Houttuynia Cordata extract will take care of any inflammation. It is simply perfect for skin afflicted with impurities (even sensitive) and excess sebum.

Try them today and add these stunning products to your routine. Gonna have a stunning skin. For the whole 2019