Smile. It’s Sunday. And as usual, today we only have one goal: Glowing. The Obiettivo series goes on. This is Miloon’s super-intense full-speed journey to to a perfect skin, to give a concrete direction to the year just begun. To sum it up: over  the last two episodes we defined a new concept of healthy and clean skin with the selection of essential products Target Clear. Then we  maximized nourishment and hydration for a compactness and an unprecedented youth with the Target Nourish selection. And today, he most glamorous moment of the week has finally come. It’s time to focus on how to shine to the maximum, raising the radiance of our skin to a new maximum. So we discover this new selection of essentials, products suitable for all types of skin, which are imposed in the world for having marked unprecedented effectiveness. Find them on Miloon.eu.

We all want a glowing skin. With the amount of damage our skin suffers due to overexposure to chemicals and pollution, bright skin is increasingly a rarity. But has never been so much for me? a natural glow Ready to dive?




Matte skin, devoid of luster? SO annoying! This happens too frequently, especially in winter-time (read our guide to prevent winter dehydration here).  This is when Missha Super Off Cleansing Oil couple come into help.

This cleansing oil makeup remover was designed for the care of Rosebud oil, apple seed oil and BHA acids effectively remove dead skin, restoring healthy, radiant appearance to the skin.

Its light formula that does not cause irritation, s its free of  6 types of parabens, mineral oil, synthetic flavors.

The secret lays in the 2X Melting System:a combination of polar and non-polar oils to enhance the effectiveness of the product and the ability to remove not only BB creams, but also eyeliners, crayons, tints and lipsticks. Lighten it up, baby.


If natural beauty is your thing, Neogen’s Real Flower Calendula Cleansing Water is one skincare product that you’ll absolutely love. It’s perfect as a post-cleansing toner or a standalone cleansing step similar to micellar water.

With real calendula petals suspended in the water, its calming formula is perfect for those with easily-irritated skin that’s prone to redness.

Those with oily, combination and acne-prone skin can benefit from its balancing formula that whisks away excess oil and sebum while keeping your skin hydrated.

Calendula petal extracts and natural cleansing agents help to sweep dirt and impurities from your skin, leaving soft clean skin in its wake with a gentle fresh scent from the flower petals inside. No wonder why  K-beauty gurus love it so much.




Lastly, no glow treatment is complete without some vitalizing product. And if this is multitasking, that’s even better.

May Coop Raw Sauce is an high-concentration essence that activates skin vitality by confining moisture and nutrients deep inside. This an all-in-one product gathers the power of and essence, toner and an emulsion in a single tiny bottle. May Coop Raw Sauce has rapidly earned a cult status for its miraculous effects due to employing maple sap: a great resource for antioxidant-rich ingredients to combat damaging free-radicals and fight the signs of time.

May coop have been produced not by plain water, which accounts for most of cosmetic ingredients but by the 100% sap, crystal of beauty, from the vitality of a tree or plant. The sap is the natural watery liquid from a deep layer of soil through roots that a tree or the plant absorbed to bear fruits. It contains amino-acids, vitamins, potassium, calcium, and other minerals a lot.

MSE (maple sugar extract) is a 100% pure natural moisturizer extracted from the nature. MSE which is a natural sugar existing in maple tree sap(about 2%) functions as a coating and treatment of skin preventing skin moisture from vaporizing. In a real experiment, it showed a similar moisturizing effect on skin as glycerin, which is the representative moisturizer in cosmetics. When this Fructose derived sugar meets Asian herbal and fruit extracts it creates a formulation that is able to deliver a healthier looking skin, still being perfect for all skin types.