Happy Mask Monday everyone. During the weekend we introduced you to 3 STEPS to BEAUTY by K-Beauty offspring brand Pibu Beauty: the 3 in 1 beauty: a packet-size magic wound for instant glow.

Pibu offers innovative Korean Premium masks that are rich in the highest quality active ingredients conceived to be comfortable, fast and effective in the daily care. The effect is just top notch: it is comparable with the effectiveness of your SPA treatment to supplement your care. Moreover every mask is ‘PETA Cruelty Free’ certified. Today, we couldn’t be more thrilled as we explore the full set of beauty masks. Behold Hydrating, Bubbling Mask Charcoal, Flower Extract and Green Tea Purifying Clay Masks, Brightening 3-Steps to Beauty: 6 nature’s little treasures committed to deliver a broad range of skin benefits for you to discover.

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The philosophy guiding Pibu Beauty brand is the embodiment of the Korean approach to care – „Skin first, make-up second”. Healthy, moisturized and radiant skin is the most important factor and it should always be the center of attention. Makeup (and everything else) comes after and is only our choice,  not a necessity.



Pibu Beauty was named after the Korean word for “skin” to stress how it should always be the center of attention. In fact a healthy, hydrated and bright skin is your ‘business card’ and if you want to preserve its beauty, taking care of it should become your daily ritual. Hydrating, Bubbling Mask Black Charcoal, Flower Extract and Green Tea Purifying Clay Mask, 3-Steps of Beauty: let’s explore them all.


The hydrating-soothing mask is an instant and long-lasting rescue for skin in need of intense watering.

The mask moisturizes your skin deeply, making it look and feel calm and hydrated!
The soothing formula of Pibu’s mask retains your skin’s own moisture. Keeping your skin supple and smooth when it needs it most.

Recommended for dry, irritated and sensitive skin. Perfect for all skin types at the risk of dehydration, e.g. after sunbathing or staying in heated places.pibu hydrating soothing mask


A sensational bubbling charcoal mask deeply purifies your skin making it silky smooth, firm and elastic.
Its unique ingredients tighten your pores and exfoliate dead skin cells, giving your skin a healthy glow.

As soon as you place the mask on your face, you can enjoy the pleasant feeling of the bubbles at work. They help your skin absorb active ingredients with a nice massage! After you remove the mask, your pores are less visible and your skin looks fresh and blooming.

Recommended for tired, dull skin, or exposed to harmful external factors such as: stress, dirt, UV or unhealthy habits.

Perfect for all skin types.pibu bubbling charcoal mask


The brightening mask is a wonderful remedy for fatigued complexion and uneven skin tone.

Its genuine, brightening ingredients revitalize your skin and reduce visible dark spots, making your complexion look radiant, toned and healthy!

The mask also neutralizes the harmful effects of UV rays, unhealthy diet and stress. After just one use, your skin becomes visibly bright and vivid!pibu brightening mask


The green tea purifying clay mask is a handy rescue for skin with imperfections.
The cosmetic clay absorbs excess oils, draws out impurities and clears breakouts, giving your skin a balanced and matte look!

If you are looking for a way to clean and tighten pores without drying your skin out – reach for our clay mask to gain desired effects right away!

Recommended for oily to normal skin with imperfections, impurities, enlarged pores and blackheads.pibu green tea purifying clay mask


A mask that was designed to make your skin flourish!
Clay clears pores and minimizes their visibility, while the unique combination of flower extracts soothes your delicate skin and makes it brighter and refreshed at the same time!

Clean, radiant skin is now right at your fingertips!

Recommended for normal to sensitive skin with uneven texture which is also sensitive and irritated, with signs of first wrinkles.pibu flower extract purifying clay mask


The great celebration or a special occasion is coming up?
Pamper your skin deeply and get a beautiful, glowing skin right when you need it most!

3 STEPS to BEAUTY is a complete treatment designed by beauty professionals to boost your skin’s appearance visibly. It contains a powerful set of the most efficient active ingredients which deeply regenerate the skin, restoring vitality and strengthening its natural barrier. Your skin becomes perfectly nourished, silky smooth and bright.pibu 3 step to beauty mask