miloon neogen real fresh foam cranberry


How would you like it if I’d tell you that you could finally master the infamous Double Cleansing routine with a totally natural product designed to keep you young and healthy?  Well… Neogen Real Fresh Foam Cranberry is what you needed and never dared asking.

Forget skin-stripping antioxidants oils. Neogen Cleansing Foam only employs fermented antioxidants-packed cranberries and cranberry fruit water. While gently removing impurities like sweats ad dirt from skin, it prevent signs of premature aging. Moreover, it will just work fine as the perfect water-based cleanser in your double-cleansing routine. Try it to believe, cutie. 

This cleanser is designed for sensitive skin, hence it is suitable for any skin type, so use if with confidence. If you methodically follow K-Words, by know you must have become a Double Cleansing Expert. Double cleansing is a specific K-beauty trick to assure extra deep cleanliness when it comes to skin cleansing. It implies a 2-step cleansing routine based on an oil-based cleanser, followed by a water-based one. More info on double-cleansing can be found here. Let’s start by saying that this cleanser comes in hand in step two, following an oil cleanser.
To get the most out of this product, start by pumping one to two pumps and gently massage foam onto damp face. Then rinse off with lukewarm water, then follow with the remaining steps of your skin care routine.

Staying young and healthy is easy as a kid-play, moreover, thanks to the sweet yummy cranberries, it is even tasty.