This week we tested “Oxygen AHA Bubble Peeling Mask” for 3 times. We wanted to check out this mask’s possibilities to the maximum.

This is how Neogen introduce it:

“Oxygen AHA Bubble Peeling Mask” is skin-clearing formula that magnetically pull out dirt, pore congestion and flaky dead cells, leaving skin clear, smooth and glowing.

Save yourself the manual exfoliation and deep cleansing headache as you sit back and watch the bubbles do your work towards healthier and clearer looking skin.”

The test was carried out by Milena. She has combination/sensitive skin ( combination skin with some characteristics of sensitive skin). She went for the three -times-a-week treatment. What follows here are her impressions.

1st use impressions:

I started doing my usual cleansing routine. I took off my make up off, using A’pieu “From the Black Cleansing Water”. Then I cleansed my skin with “Thank You Farmer Cleansing Foam”. Bubbles were the first thing that stroke my attention.
It was super fun. When activated, they  delivered a very pleasant fuzzy sensation on my skin. After just the first use, my skin was definitely clean, smooth and brighter. It lifted away black heads on my nose. This was definitely a good plus. Yet, I noticed see some of my pores were not totally clean. Especially those in the cheek area, where skin is much thicker, where still there. However no trace of irritation whatsoever so far. Basically, my skin felt like after completing a good cleansing routine. Now I am curious to find out what is going to happen after tomorrow’s second treatment.

2nd use impressions:
Just like yesterday, I used the Bubble Mask after repeating the same cleansing routine. Today my skin is definitely cleaner than yesterday’s first usage. I really like this satin-like feeling I experience when touching my skin. I can eventually see some changes in my cheeks area. Pores looks much tighter and clean. My skin is not irritated. So far I am really happy with the results.

3rd use impressions:

Unlike the last two days, today I jumped straight to the Oxygen AHA Bubble mask. As usual I have been waiting with bubbles on my face for 10-12 min. After washing the residual mask off I could see that my skin is even cleaner. Even more than the previous 2 days. It is definitely glowing now. Pores are possibly much tighter and skin appears to be smoother. Now I do like how my skin is absorbing the essence and the moisturizing cream. This exfoliating treatments was very much needed. I managed to get rid of dead skin cells, sebum and some black heads. I am really happy with the results and I think I will repeat this exact 3-step-a-week treatment at least once a month.

To sum up, “Oxygen AHA Bubble Peeling Mask” by Neogen” is the perfect treatment against oily or combination skin problems.
It fights such problems like blackheads and whitehead. Not only it will make your skin skin super clean again. It will  prepare it for the skin care steps to follow like essence, moisturizer or ampoule.
It will deliver more benefits than using it on “old skin”, when many dead skin cells are on the surface of your skin. We proved it right: they say it to be the best exfoliating and clearing mask on the market for a reason!