MERRY CHRISTMAS MOM: 7 gifting ideas for Family’s First Lady.



Her job is not an easy one. The true angel of the house she is the sweetest creature, whose love has been feeding us since we were born. This year, show your mom you care. These holidays celebrate that special bond. Browse our very special Christmas gifting ideas and let yourself be inspired. This  Christmas wrap up some beauty. On

Anti Aging: this is the watch word when it comes to mom’s Christmas.

A good start could be  Balm White Truffle Anti Wrinkle Cream, an advanced wrinkle-care product that brightens, nourishes and plumpsskin to tighten sagging areas. White Truffle extract, Avocado and Grape Seed oils, Hyaluronic Acid, Niacinamide, Ceramides and Peptides form an ultra-effective solution that stimulates the production of collagen, energizes and whitens skin to improve visible signs of aging. Vitamins and antioxidants delivered the way, strengthen skin’s protective barrier and make it resistant to external stressors. The light texture absorbs fast and leaves skin soft and smooth. This cream has a very strong anti aging action thanks to white truffle that, together to other highly concentrated and functional ingredients nourish the skin and improve Wrinkles, while providing an anti-inflammatory effect and deep nourishment. 

Another super impressive product conceived to impress is  Time Revolution Immortal Youth Cream. Designed to fight signs of skin aging after 30, time revolution Immortal Youth Cream rejuvenates and vitalizes the skin fighting dryness, loss of firmness and elasticity, wrinkles, dull complexions, and skin damages.  Its formula protects the skin against: irritation, stress, free radicals, thanks to the power of Neoendorfiny to strengthen the protective barrier of the skin. 

Why not surprising your mum with an all-new and innovative product? Blithe  ‘splash masks’ is the way to go. This product require just water so to splash onto face and pat in for instantly softer, smoother skin and glowing, supple appearance. A 20 minute mask ritual now condensed into 15 seconds for an at-home spa treatment that fits into any schedule for a natural, quick glow.

A concentrated blend of lactic acid and botanical extracts in each splash mask work to re-texturize and smooth skin instantly and increase radiance over time.
The Blithe Patting Splash Mask in Rejuvenating Purple Berry is formulated with antioxidant packed berries to help leave skin looking brighter and more youthful-enhancing elasticity and firmness.

For a mom that is projected onto practicality and effectivity Neogen 3D lifting Compression Spantex Mask cannot really miss out the gift box. This anti-wrinkle, two-part mask in a bed on the basis of Adenosine and Vitamin B3 Thanks to the innovative 3D structure (cotton layer, span-tex, cotton layer) the absorption of nutrients is increased. A true botox alternative, it brightens and has a super strong anti-wrinkle effect approved by KFDA improving skin elasticity around the eyes, lips, forehead, neck.

The right idea for the organic-lover mum?  Blithe Pressed Serum Crystal Ice Plant, the easy-to-use serum and moisturizer in one treats,  that nourishes and gives fresh feeling. A serum and moisturizer combined in a ‘pressed serum’ format that is packed with 63% Ice Plant extract, which provides cooling hydration without oiliness. Ice Plant extract – hailed as a natural ‘moisture magnet’ because of its ability to survive the Saharan climate – alongside a blend of fermented olive and argan oils to deliver long-lasting hydration and comfort to stressed-out or sensitive skins. This is just perfect for those with confused, oily and combination complexions, this ultra-lightweight gel-cream absorbs almost instantly – delivering deep, long-lasting moisture without clogging pores or exacerbating congestion.

At Christmas time, you can’t never go wrong with gold. Yet, not earrings and necklace. Try gifting her Code 9 Gold & Caviar Essence & Gold Box Tightening Pack Kit contains all the features of a luxury product. Conceived by Neogen Dermalogy line, from packaging to formula this product is all about premium experience. Gold Black Caviar Essence contains 99.5% pure gold and super black caviar complex delivering a healthier, younger and glower complexion a blink. Another plus, a super fancy packaging composed by a concentrated essence and a Flakes Gauze-Pack Pad. Super Fancy.

If you are seeking for a multitasking product, Neogen  Black Volume Cream is your thing. This hypoallergenic firming and moisturizing cream for use under the eyes and on areas exposed to the formation of mimic wrinkles. Created based on the patented 3 STEP SKIN VOLUME SYSTEM formula. Natural nutrients have been enclosed in Ceramides, micro-particles of hyaluronic acid and alpha-lipoic acid, thanks to which Neogen Code 9 Black Volume Cream hydrates, moisturizes, nourishes and tones the skin in a safe and effective way.

Speaking of Anti Age, why not reside on Frudia Citrus Brightening cream? Resembling a mandarin smoothie, this amazing cream contains 61% citrus extracts from JuJu Islands and it’s packed with Vitamin C to smoothen and visibly illuminate your skin. Moreover, mango seed oil revitalizes and provides an optimal level of hydration for a feeling of freshness that last the all day. Thanks to R Vita W technique, nutrients are obtained at low temperature to provide valuable antioxidants for the skin. Extracts of seeds and fruit are processed with extreme care to preserve their color and smell.

Finally, Miloon’s very own quick-fix kit: The Young Again line by Miloon. This is the increasingly personalized skincare solution  to solve the main problems connected to skin concerns. From aging, to  hydration, from cleaning to the oiliness control, Again has been conceived to bring your skin back to its pristine condition.  Young Again comes in an elegant and practical quicksilver case. It offers a selection of 7 masks from the best K-Beauty brands, aimed at fighting and prevent such the signs of aging.

Young Again Mask Kit is an express solution committed to fight such skin conditions connected to aging. It contains 7 beauty masks to provide plumping and nourishing effect to fight wrinkles and fine lines. In less than 15 minutes. Even on the go.

Merry Christmas mom!