She is the dearest of all. She was in your life way before Facebook, and she has always been there for you since day one. Maybe she was sitting next to you a school. Or she was the one you  had all your teenage-days picture. She was there when you meet him. She definitely was there when he was not there anymore. She followed you in that crazy holiday trip, when you had the time of your life. She was. She is. She’ll going to be there. For you, for ever. This holidays, nothing says I love you more than a gift from Miloon.eu.

Functional, smart, fancy and always there for you. This is what a real friend should be.

Should you celebrate these qualities with a gift, What could better resume these features but Miloon’s very own mask kits, the legantly-wrapped-up collection of seven Korean beauty masks assorted to please your very own skin type every day, even on the go?

The first idea, Go premium. Premium Mask Kit is a luxury-flavored reinvention of the already famous Classic Mask Kit.

As in the case of its predecessor, Premium Mask Kit consists of an elegant and practical packaging that collects seven masks by the best K-Beauty brands, specifically assorted according to your skin type. Each mask targets a specific effect. Envision the Premium Mask Kit as a beauty treatment committed to boost your daily beauty routine. For a clean, toned and healthy skin in less than 15 minutes. Anytime. Even on the go.

Another sweet alternative could be Clear Again. This idea is all about Deep Cleaning. It comes in a precious yet practical emerald-green case, a symbol off purity and cleaniness. This mask kit contains a selection of seven masks by the best Korean cosmetic brands, to act on all those annoying and unsightly defects of the skin such as outbreaks and inflammation, blackheads, excess oiliness and sebum.

Last but not least, why not rayon the all new Glowing Set, the latest add-on from million? Conceived to give you the all-in-one solution to meet our skin’s target, The Glow Fix Kit is committed to bring radiance, splendor and health back to your skin with a selection of premium products like Blithe In Between Prep essence and Blithe in Between Tone Correcting Cream.

Because friendship is beautiful, wrap up some beauty.