Hello everyone!

Today we would like to introduce you to Missha “Tone Control Corrector”.
It’s a color-correcting product that adjusts the uneven skin tone. Bright vitality before applying makeup.

Correctors are different from concealers. When concealer conceals the problem area like corrector neutralize the area.

Everyone has different undertone and complexion. The Tone Control Corrector comes in 4 different colors. Each color is targeting different concerns.






It has light and creamy texture that evens out skin tone. By using the colors that sit on opposite sides of the color wheel.

The complementary color cancels one another out. so that it hide unwanted shades on your skin.



It targets brightening and masking fatigue benefits.

Brightens dark circles and under eyes’ areas that are dull and blue.



It corrects reddish blemishes and rosacea around nose area.

If you want to present a clean and bright look, this is the one!



It brightens areas such as the forehead and cheeks that tent to be dull.

Recommended for those who have yellowish or sallow tone.



It adds volume to T-zone and other areas that you want highlighting effect.

Perfect to create a 3-dimensional look!

* Recommended for

– Those who want to conceal discoloration.

– Those looking for a seamless concealer that won’t cake.

– Those who want to try out color correcting to brighten up ad even out their complexion.