Just like love and it will last forever.



We are sure to guess what your answer will be to what is the most important question in every woman’s life. Yes, I want it.But in the same way, we are sure to know how you came to snatch your longest lasting commitment from your special someone. Maybe the merit goes all to Missha and the exclusive Time Revolution Bridal Cream. We like to think that its bouquet of soothing, illuminating anti-aging effects is so strong that it pushes every man to love you forever. 



Missha Time Revolution Bridal Cream.

Missha Time Revolution Bridal Cream is a delicate pink wrinkle cream that revitalizes, brightens and restores tired skin. In fact, as we said earlier, this is a product with multiple beneficial effects. First of all, it is the perfect product for dull skin, which suffers from loss of radiance, with visible signs of fatigue.

The naturalness of the ingredients is the secret of the efficacy and delicacy of this cream, which for this is suitable for all skin types and does not cause irritation but rather has a soothing effect.

This skin is simply perfect for those who need to even out their skin tone or are looking for an anti-wrinkle and illuminating product.



The secret of Time Revolution Bridal Cream: the Formula Dia Reflexion.

The Formula Dia Reflexion is the reason why Time Revolution Bridal Cream is so special. This consists of a set of microparticles of diamond dust, which reflect light emphasizing the level of uniformity of the skin.



Main ingredients:

Time Revolution Bridal Cream is all about the ingredients. The first is Kalamina, which illuminates and revitalizes the skin. Furthermore this cream is enriched with milk proteins, which take the structure of smooth skin, nourish it in depth and providing the right level of hydration.

All you have to do is to just discover this fantastic product on miloon.eu. Get ready to shine.