INTRODUCING MISSHA “The Original Tension Pact“.




Today we are here to introduce Missha “The Original Tension Pact”.  If you haven’t discovered the power of cushion pact yet, now is the right time.

So, what is this Cushion Compact or foundation, that everyone is talking about?

Cushion Compact is one of Korean skincare’s biggest innovations.

It consists in a convenient formula combining liquid foundation, BB cream or CC cream.
It is very easy to apply as it blends with  makeup without messing our hands.

Missha tension pact stands out for its signature puff. Featuring a unique 3-layers design, this special engineered innovation cuts product absorption by half. Moreover, it  allows you to apply double the product. This way you can enjoy the a big size puff without lumps.
This is the perfect example explaining Korean Cosmetics’ ever-growing popularity. In fact, producers conceive every little detail to be smart, bridging the gap between design and functionality.

The sponge within the compact keeps make-up liquid as in the case of foundations, BB and CC cream.  The sponge is cushion pact’s true spin. It keeps the make-up always fresh and moist so that it can blend with skin in a better way.
Missha’s “The Original Tension Pact”is available in Perfect Cover as well as Tone Up Glow. Both cushions come in #21 Light Beige and #23 Natural Beige. Both have creamy texture to help improving adherence & coverage.

Guaranteed this will make your base make-up last for longtime.

Let’s now explore those fantastic innovations. Let’s find out why and how they will begin your ultimate allied for a spotless skin.


The Original Tension Pact: Perfect Cover.

Tension Pact Perfect Cover is a BB cream cushion. Rich in hyaluronic acid, it hydrates and brighten the skin. This version of tension pact provides high coverage. Its double layer cover is the key for a flawless skin,  blemishes and wrinkles-free.

SPF 37/PA++ protects skin against harmful UV rays. Powder and moisturizing ingredients allow makeup to last over 24 hours.

Keywords: High Coverage, Magnetic Adherence.

Special Features: Smooth, flawless skin.

Undertones: Yellow-Beige.



The Original Tension Pact: Tone Up Glow.

Tension Pact Tone Up Glow contains pearl powder and a 5-flowers complex.
It imparts skin with a subtle radiance and keeps it hydrated for 24 hours.
It has a light coverage that evens up our skin tone and revitalizes the complexion.
“Tone Up Glow” is the perfect cushion to make skin radian and vital while brightening the tone! This pact also comes with SPF 30/PA++.

Keywords: Tone – Correction, Radiance

Special Features: Vital and bright skin expression.

Undertones: Peach-Ivory.