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Welcome back to a new episode of Mask Monday.

Today we will be reviewing “The Herb In Nude Sheet Masks” by Missha. This is Missha’s proprietary skin-concern set of solutions for a flawless skin. Missha Masks infuse your skin with the healing benefits of tea.

Available in 8 different varieties, each mask offers specific benefits connected to each brew of the many herbal teas. 


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Let’s start by saying that  “Herb In Nude Sheet Masks” is Missha’s set of skin-concern-specific solutions suitable for all skin types. These adhesive, transparent masks have a silky and soft texture adheres to your skin like a gel. This creates a tight seal on the skin that fosters the delivery of moisture and nutrients.


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One of the reason underpinning the widespread success of these masks is its Nude-Fit feature.

What is Nude-Fit?

Nude Fit is a transparent, thin and innovative fabric that resembles nude-skin-tone as soon as it is applied onto the skin.
Such innovative feature relies on the mask’s adherence that delivers a snug and skin fit.
This allows an easy and comfortable application. These masks are so light and transparent that people will barely notice you’ll be wearing it. In fact, it’s composed by a super thin sheet of natural-derived cellulose that provides an excellent air permeability. Even tough each mask is heavily dripping with serum, you’ll be pleased by its concentrated formula. This allows complete absorption with no annoying left-overs and sticky feeling.


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The smell of the serums is marvellous. The good news is this will last for the whole time often application. For the 20 minutes of the treatment you’ll be feeling in heaven. The 8 breeds of “Missha Herb In Nude Sheet Mask” are: Soothing Care, Firming Care, Brightening Care, Moisturizing Care, Purifying Care, Hydrating Care, Nutrition Care, Vitality Care. Here’s a description of  the main ingredients and the promised effect.

Soothing Care.

– Lavender infused mask soothes irritated and sensitive skin.

Firming Care.

– Rooibos tea and Sodium Hyaluronate firms and soothes skin.

Brightening Care.

– Lemon grass and Green tea brighten and even top skin levels.

Moisturizing Care.

– Rose flower and Licorice roots adds extra nourishment and moisture.


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Hydrating Care.

– Green Tea and Sodium Hyaluronate for increased hydration..

Purifying Care.

– Apple mint and green tea mask for skin’s deep cleansing and energizing.

Nutrition Care.

– Early grey tea and sodium hyaluronate for extra nourishment.

Vitality Care.

– Contains Hibiscus tea and Vitamin C to brighten complexion. You’ll feel like skin is lit from within.

miloon missha herb in nude blog 5How to use:

Apply the sheet mask after cleansing.

Leave it staying for 15-20 minutes before removing.

Pat the remaining serum onto the skin until fully absorbed.

Now it’s the moment to have some tea-flavored treat for our skin with the Missha “Herb In Nude Sheet Mask”.

Try it now on miloon.eu.