MILOON SPECIAL: Mask Kit Young Again.


miloon mask kit young again

Welcome back Monday! As every week we go to deepen one of the most popular products you can find on Last week we deepened the new Mask Kit Clear Again, if you missed the news, read here too. For today’s Mask Monday, let’s take a closer look at Young Again.

The Young Again line by Miloon was created to offer an increasingly personalized skincare solution, in order to solve the main problems connected to skin concerns. From aging, to  hydration, from cleaning to the oiliness control, Again has been conceived to bring your skin back to its pristine condition. Young Again comes in an elegant and practical quicksilver case. It offers a selection of 7 masks from the best K-Beauty brands, aimed at fighting and prevent such the signs of aging.


Young Again Mask Kit is an express solution committed to fight such skin conditions connected to aging. It contains 7 beauty masks to provide plumping and nourishing effect to fight wrinkles and fine lines. In less than 15 minutes. Even on the go.

This Mask Kit is designed for skin that is losing elasticity, consistency and firmness. It delivers a more voluminized, nourished and plum skin, so to make you look younger for real.