MILOON SPECIAL: Mask Kit Clear Again.


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Last week we introduced three new versions of our coveted Mask Kit. In case you missed it you can find the news here. For today’s Mask Monday we’ll be exploring Clear Again.

Clear Again is all about Deep Cleaning. It comes in a precious yet practical emerald-green case, a symbol off purity and cleanliness. This Mask Kit contains a selection of seven masks by the best Korean cosmetic brands, to act on all those annoying and unsightly defects of the skin such as outbreaks and inflammation, blackheads, excess oiliness and sebum. Delivering astonishing results in just 15 minutes; even on the go.


Deep Purity. This is how the effect of the Clear Again Mask Kit can be summed up. This selection of masks is the perfect companion to those who want to extend the care of their complex skin.


All those who have a normal skin, mixed and oily, will be able to reap great benefits from these masks, as these beauty masks are capable of carrying out a truly significant purification.