MILOON Mask Kit Glow Again.

Your skin lights up immensely, with “Glow”, the Mask Kit by Miloon.


Miloon Mask kit glow again


Miloon, the premium Italian brand specialized in Korean beauty, announces the launch of the “Glow” mask kit. This is  a selection of seven beauty masks designed to make the skin radiant. “Glow” is the  property of a surface that creates the illusion of emanating its own light and is synonymous with healthy, radiant skin with uniform totality and embodies the ultimate ideal to which every self-respecting beauty regime tends.

Miloon selects every masks of the “Glow” mask kit among the best global brands of Korean cosmetics and delivers’em in a practical and special glam rose gold metal case; All the masks contained in it are strictly produced in Korea and are characterized by being smart and high-performance cosmetics, which allow you to see visible results right after the first use. Using only active ingredients of natural origin, the masks selected by Miloon are characterized by high technology in the processes of production and extraction of ingredients, always cruelty free and compliant with Italian and European regulations.




Since the opening in 2018, Miloon introduced the concept of Mask Kit to spread the importance of the Korean sheet mask. Celebrating its centrality in every beauty ritual, mask kit offered seven beauty masks specifically assorted for each skin type.

The impact on the world of Korean Beauty was so deep that the brand added the “Again” line the “Classic”, the first version of the mask kit. “Again” is committed to restore the original conditions of the skin. With the radiance it promotes, the “Glow” Mask Kit completes the already wide range of Clear, “Young” and “Premium” types, designed to restore respectively Cleanliness, Anti-age and Extra Protection. This allowed Miloon to position itself as the most innovative and fashionable e-boutique in of the K-Beauty universe in Europe.

The mask kit “Glow” is on sale at the price of € 29 and is available in selected stores and spa in Italy and online on the e-commerce platform