A mini-skincare regimen in a single sheet!


missha maschere 3 step


The revolutionary 3-step mask pack by Missha satisfies your skincare needs anytime, anywhere, even when tight working/traveling schedules cut your beauty regimen game time off.

Missha covers all your needs offering five different kinds of targeted skincare solutions.

Hydration mask.


– For dry, rough, flaky skin.

– Skin requiring intensive moisture care.

This pack contains essence, mask and cream.

This is rich in hyaluronic acid and it provides intensive moisture. It keeps skin moisturized for hours.

Purifying mask.

– Sensitive skin as a result of environmental factors.

– Skin requiring intensive purification and brightening.

This pack contains peeling, essence and mask.

Purifying mask contains Witch Hazel. This will clear and brighten your skin by removing impurities.

Whitening mask.

Best for:

– Dulling or darkening skin caused by UV exposure.

– Skin requiring intensive brightening care.

This pack is containing peeling gel, essence and mask. It contains Vitamin C that evens and brightens skin tone.

Lifting mask.

– Sagging skin

– skin requiring intensive firming care.

This pack is containing essence, mask and finishing cream.

It contains Collagen, a natural component of the skin. Collagen improves the elasticity and texture of skin by tightening sagging skin.

Nutrition mask.

– non-conditioned skin

– dry skin

– works as an intensive treatment for dry, sagging skin.

This pack is containing essence, mask and finishing cream. This is rich in Ceramide: it strengthen skin’s barrier while force it to keep nutrients