LOVED BY YOU: A. by BOM Ultra Time Return Eye Serum.


miloon a by bom eye serum


Here is what arises those who used A. By BOM Ultra Time Return Eye Serum and fell in love instantly. Some time ago we introduced this fantastic product and we talked about it as a first class ticket for an all natural journey back in time. Our Milena loves it. She told us : “I’ve been using this serum twice a day for almost two months and I’m really happy with the results. It get absorbed really fast! Leave my skin smooth, hydrated and the fine lines are visibly reduced! I also find it has a little lightening effect. “.

A. By BOM Ultra Time Return Eye Serum is a luxurious eye treatment that provide brightening and anti-aging effects for a youthful sight.

Formulated with botanicals extracts from the Korean pharmacopoeia and peptides, it replenish the skin and boost elasticity, while organic aloe vera and green tea extracts from Jeju island prevent damaging effects of free radicals.

An anti-aging elixir smoothes the wrinkles around the eyes, bringing hydration and firmness to dark circles in a loss of volume like a filler. Over the course of use, it clears dark circles and awakens the eye.

Milena tried it for a while and shared her opinion.

“I am not a big fan of products for eye area. Usually they are sticky or badly absorbing- which creates not nice effect when You apply concealer or foundation. I decided to try this serum as it is full of natural ingredients. I need a good moisture under my eyes, also I’ve got dark circles and puffy eyes sometimes in the morning. I am using this serum twice a day since almost two months! I am really happy about the results. It absorbs so quick, leaves my skin smooth, hydrated and fine lines free ! I find it also kind of illuminating. It just leaves your eye are fresh and bright. Usually I use this serum and on the top apply some cream just for an extra moisture. Another plus this small bottle lasts for a long time. I am using it almost 2 months and still have almost full bottle, and I go hard on this beauty. I recommend this serum to everyone who is looking for an efficient and wonderful eye product.”




– I love how much it helps with my eye bags. Had tried many eye products before and unfortunately it did not help with it! Finally found the gem of my life 🙂

– The consistency is quite thick but it is easily absorbed by the skin, moisturizing, the eye contour without being sticky. The result is excellent: the lines under the eyes are rather dark. I often use it on my lips too. A loyal ally to always keep with me.

– I bought this myself to have a product for my eye area and this serum works wonderfully. I apply the serum at night before I go to sleep and in the morning when I wake up. My skin absorbs it very nicely and leaves it very refreshed and hydrated for the entire day. The scent is very subtle and not too strong. The dropper also makes this product easy to apply; I can’t imagine if had to pour it. I definitely recommend this to anyone that wants extra hydration for their eye area!

– A luxurious anti-aging and illuminating eye contour serum. Raccomandatissimo.

– “A cuddle for my skin. What a pity not discovering it earlier”

– Visible results. Everyone says so. But then … and instead Ultra Time Return Eye Serum is really ultra. Super eye contour.

– He was given to me by a friend for Christmas who had recommended me so much, but I had not yet taken it … It’s really refreshing. I regret not having listened to it before. But fortunately … for it was destiny: P

– I am surprised. After a few applications, I saw a rebirth. I did not remember having such an elastic skin. One of the inevitable in my beauty-case.

– Relaxed skin, nourished and remarkable wrinkle effect.  What a stroke of luck having known this serum … I do not see myself younger, but also those who know me. To be bought back absolutely.

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