leegeehaam grow tea tree essence


Today’s watchword is hydration. Should that ever be the problem, just keep in mind LGH – Grow Tea Tree 95 Essence is the solution. With over 95% Tea Tree extract, this top selling water-less treatment moisture, calms, nourish irritated and troubled skin. An all natural remedy for troubled skin, it will restore clarity while boosting hydration level.

As the name says,  LGH – Grow Tea Tree 95 Essence is full of botanical and herbal based wonders: infant,  this lightweight essence contains skullcap extract, a potent antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and skin-brightener. This is powered even more as it is used in combination with white willow bark extract that is just perfect when you need to improve skin’s tone and texture. It also contains witch hazel  that calms inflammation and strengthens skin’s resilience.


leegeehaam grow tea tree essence


This product is an evolution of the cult Tea Tree 90 Essence. Now the 90 has become 95, thanks to the aforementioned 95% Tea Tree extract. This made possible for the formulation to remain weightless and scentless formulation, yet being even more committed to soothe and hydrate blemish-prone, sensitive, irritated, and troubled skin.

Using it is very easy. Just employ it right after cleansing and toner. Just apply approx. 2 ~ 3 drops of essence evenly to the skin and spread gently. And the job is done. Get ready to experience an all-new form of naturally.

Troubled skin? No more, thanks.