LEEGEEHAAM GROW TEA TREE 70 SPOT: spotless skin in a click.



Do you want to defeat your skin’s imperfections of in one click? Then enter the Matrix. Introducing Grow Tea Tree 70 Spot, the revolutionary practical all-natural treatment based on the LGH Tree of the House, which takes care of your skin by removing the smallest imperfections in a blink of an eyelash. Thanks to the revolutionary Syringe Injection System and the innovative “Velvet Matrix Technology” formulation, it covers imperfections and gently soothes the skin. With Grow Tea Tree 70 Spot you can be the new Trinity. 

Leegeehaam Cosmetics is inspired by the expertise behind LJH, Korea’s first and oldest dermatology clinic. The renewed LJH Tea Tree line helps soothing and balancing blemish-prone skin.




Formulated with tea tree extract, this water-less treatment soothes and calms irritated and troubled skin, each named with a number to show the % of tea tree extract inside. Tea Tree is a renowned active ingredient used in skin care for relieving acne and troubled skin with its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.

This  point treatment addresses blemishes with 70% anti-inflammatory tea tree extract and brightening, soothing and moisturizing botanical extracts and algae.

The packaging of this product is the key of its growing success, as it not only very cool but even easy to use. The green cream/gel is soothing, gentle, moisturizing, and effective and works out without drying out and irritating the skin. Use at first sensation of a pimple to minimize and prevent the development of it. It is extremely simple and can be done in a second. Make sure to use it on cleansed, dry skin. Just twist the cylinder to unlock, pump the end of the spot treatment cylinder to dispense formula and dab onto blemishes.In a click. Try it toady. You’ll love it forever.