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If you are getting into to the world of K-beauty, then you must have heard about Essence for sure. Conceived in Korea, Essence has been popular in the skincare market for years. But have you figured out what it is?

Essence is not a toner nor serum. It is a step among the two. It seats after toner but right before serum.

But what exactly is an essence?

Essence employs its concentrated formula to target specific problems. It is perfect to fight wrinkles, fine lines and uneven skin tones. Sounds like a serum to you? Well it might.
Indeed Essence is lighter and less concentrated than serum. Right after toner, it adds another layer of hydration before applying serums.

But what are the differences between and  a Toner and an Essence?

A toner is a more watery product committed to remove what remains after cleansing.
Indeed if compared to toner Essence is a bit creamier. It contains higher levels of active ingredients. This allows to penetrate our skin deep. Essence balances our skin after cleanser and tone.
It adds hydration and priming benefits to the skin.


What are the specific benefits of an essence?

The main function of an essence is to hydrate the skin.

Hydrated skin is healthier and stronger. Essence layer prepares our skin to best absorb skin care products to come. If you want to get the most out of your fancy serums and creams, you should never ever skip this step.

There is an anti-aging element to essence as well. Adding regular moisture to the skin helps skin stay healthy and plump longer. Check out “Blithe Vital Treatment 8 Nourishing Beans”. This essence contains extracts from the beans. It raises elasticity and softens surface wrinkles.


How to apply essence in proper way?

Pat Pat & Pat one more time 😀

Do you remember our blog post introducing Patting technique? If not, have a look at our previous entry “All about Patting”.

This is a specific way to apply skincare products and get better results. And Essence will allow you to master this technique real fast.

Place a couple of drops into your hand and pat the essence onto your face until absorbed.
Patting will help essence to penetrate the skin better. It also boosts circulation in the face area.

Essence create a stronger and more resistant foundation.

As other skincare products, it is perfect for improving the skin’s look on the long run.
Last but not least, don’t forget that there is always an essence for every skin concern.

In our next episode of the Miloon Essence guide will learn “which Essence is best for each skin-type”.