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Welcome to the last episode of Miloon Essence Guide.

In the previous episodes of Essence guide, we reviewed a 2-in-1 smart product, Neogen “Gold Black Caviar Essence”. This special essence targets different aims such as skin elasticity and complexion brightening. If you missed it, have a look at – Miloon Essence Guide – Part 2.

In this issue, we will be focusing on “Vital Treatment” by Blithe.

It is a part of the brand’s special skincare solution called “Anti-Polluaging”.

What is Anti-Polluaging?

This is an all new skincare concept acting on “Pollution” and “Aging” at the same time. It refreshes, recovers and recharges your skin. Find out more on our previous post. – Introducing Blithe’s “Anti-Polluaging” Skincare Solution.

A Vital Treatment is a vital Essence which penetrates the skin in depth.

Its extracts from roots, seeds and beans provide a transparent and clearer skin. Tased on the ingredients that compose their formula, we can find 3 different types of essences to target specific needs: “5 Energy Roots”, “8 Nourishing Beans” and “9 Essential Seeds”.  Keep reading to find out which one could better help on your skin concern.


miloon essence guide 3 - 5 roots

Vital Treatment 5 Energy Roots.
(Vitalizing & Hydrating)

Five roots help skin to recover its natural tone and texture’s strength.

This energizing essence contains a blend of extracts from 5 roots and oriental ingredients. The combination of 46% of roots extracts and Sapoin will provide skin with moisture while adding radiance. It also works as an energetic.
It will give an all new life to the appearance of dull and depleted skin.
Each ingredient brighten the dull and tired skin. Moreover, another plus is diminishing visible signs of aging and pollution.


miloon essence guide 3 - 8 beans

Vital Treatment 8 Nourishing Beans.
(Vitalizing & Lifting)

Eight super food beans improve skin elasticity and help lifting the face lines.

This is an anti-aging treatment that also improves the appearance of rough skin.
This nourishing essence is perfect to raise elasticity and soften wrinkles.
Its formulation contains ingredients like lentils, black beans, carobs and soybeans. The 80% beans extracts delivers a strong soothing and hydrating action on both the skin’s inside and the outside. It also contains small capsules of Vitamin E. It melts into the skin during application for an added anti-aging effect. In fact, Vitamin E “slows the clock down” by fighting free radicals and reducing skin damages.


miloon essence guide 3 - 9 seeds

Vital Treatment 9 Essential Seeds.
(Vitalizing & Brightening)

9 seeds help to improve skin tone for brighter face.

This replenishing treatments essence works to revitalize and brighten fatigued skin. It contains the extracts of 9 seeds rich in Niacinamide and Vitamins. A formulation consisting of 78 percent seed extracts delivers minerals and nutrients that refresh tired skin. Moreover, it retrains the generation of melanin cells and brightens the skin tone.

Each Vital Treatment Essences has anti-aging and hydrating ingredients. It will leave the skin balanced and prepared for the skincare steps to follow. It is free of synthetic dyes fragrances and mineral oil. Vital Treatment is suitable for all skin type, even the most sensitive ones.