Hello Everyone, welcome back to Miloon “Exfoliating Guide” part two.

On episode one we dissected the concept of exfoliation and the difference between physical and chemical exfoliators. If you missed it, check it out now! Miloon Exfoliation Guide Part 1.

Exfoliating is one of the delightful parts of Korean skincare routine. It is a simple process that removes dead skin cells from the surface of your skin. You can see that it takes effect immediately and leaves your skin soft and glowing.

This is an important skincare habit to keep in mind. But are we following the proper, effective and smart way to exfoliate? Here is some information to help you to exfoliate the right way.


Is exfoliating every day bad for your skin?

The answer is yes. Using exfoliator everyday can strip the skin and cause breakouts. Since we are removing the top layer of skin, our skin does not have enough time to recover. Over-exfoliating leads to dry, irritated and red skin. It also thin the skin and cause the wrinkly skin.

So, How often should I exfoliate my face?

Generally, you could exfoliate your face twice a week.

But to be specifics on how often you should exfoliate, it depends on your skin type.



Exfoliation for Sensitive skin.

Your skin is easy to irritate. You should be very gentle and smooth while exfoliating. Use products with lower active ingredient percentages. Once or twice a week, max should work just fine. We recommend you to try Neogen “Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling – Green Tea.” This is a manual exfoliator infused with antioxidant-rich green tea. It will deliver a clear, smooth and bright skin.

Exfoliating Normal & Combination Skin.

For that type of skin, exfoliating two to three times a week is fine. Both physical and chemical exfoliator works well. The key tip is to look for an exfoliator that contains calming properties. So that it can reduce inflammation from breakouts. Product like Klairs “Gentle Black Sugar Facial Polish” will keep your skin soft and supple.



Exfoliating Oily Skin.

Oily skin can’t stop producing excess oil. But you can keep your skin clear and smooth with regular exfoliation. You can exfoliate up to four times a week. Try smart cleansing water Son & Park “Beauty Water” with gentle exfoliating benefit. Use it for the morning routine. This is the perfect item if you wish to exfoliate your skin daily. For the night an exfoliating scrub or pad would work great. Neogen “Bio Peel Gauze Peeling – Lemon” is another great solution for Oily skin. AHA chemical exfoliant penetrates to dissolve dirt and oil in the skin. This pad is strengthen by an high Vitamin C content from lemon. Guaranteed to bright and even your skin tone up!

Now you are just half way to become an exfoliation pro. Stay tuned for Episode 3 of Miloon’s guides. You’ll learn everything about peeling mask.