KOCOSTAR Princess Eye Patch.


miloon kocostar princess eye patch

Eyes mirrors your soul. Boost their expressivity working on the eye-contour area, with Kocostar Princess Eye Patch. A very luxurious eye-contour mask, this innovative mask employs an hydrogel complex containing a 24K gold component with specific ingredients to nourish, soften and hydrate this the and sensitive face area. The result is a stunning light and lighten up feeling for you o experience.

This mask consists of petals intended for the care of the skin under the eyes. These luxurious gold flakes will provide the delicate skin under the eyes with an injection of nutrients.

As just said Kokostar ’s Princess Eye Patch unicity is the soft and delicate hydrogel material, it is made of, which contains a gold (24K) component. This gives the gel a very luxurious gold color. The shaped hydrogels makes it easy for the patch to stay on the skin and reach areas around the eye for concentrated care. Stick the patches on for 15 minutes everyday and it will leave your eyes looking brighter and tighter everyday.



How to use: 
Wash your face and dry with a towel. Use a tonic to better absorb the active ingredients in your skin. Put the flakes under the eyes and leave for 10 – 15 minutes. Gently massage the excess serum into the skin.