From Asian Tradition,The Secret of Korean Women for a Perfect Skin.

The whole world knows the excellence of Korean cosmetic philosophy.But what exactly are its rules?

From Asian Tradition,The Secret of Korean Women for a Perfect Skin.

The whole world knows the excellence of Korean cosmetic philosophy. But what exactly are its rules?

The Korean Cosmetic Guides by Miloon. Your Vademecum for a Perfect Skin.

Korean Cosmetics Korean Woman Best Kept Secret.

Korean Beauty is something relatively new: in fact, they have existed in Asia for tens of thousands of years. Thanks to the social media boom, we have our own window on life. That’s why the world has literally gone crazy for the perfect skin of Korean women, without any imperfection, shining and bright, so much so that it is defined “glass skin” and ageless. This is how the global boom in Korean cosmetics began.

Deep Dive in the 10 Steps of Korean Beauty Routine. For Healthy, Nourished and Protected Skin.

What Makes Korean Beauty so Excellent?

In a word? It works. And it’s no accident. In fact, Korean cosmetics is so effective because it’s based on relentless research that unites past and future. While on the one hand if this philosophy looks back, treasuring the millenary Asian botanical tradition, on the other hand it makes use of the amazing scientific and technological advances of Korean companies. This is a truly important and innovative market. In fact, Korean skincare market launches between 100 and 200 new remedies per year, against the barely 10 to 20 from its Western counterpart. But always keeping in mind the high quality standards, developed win accordance with the harmony of man and nature.

What Are the Differences. Between Korean Cosmetics and Western Cosmetics?

The substantial difference between Korean and Western cosmetics lies in the cultural model of these two areas. If we were to compare these two schools of thought, we could use two popular sayings. “Prevention is Better than Cure” versus “The End Justifies the Means”. Unlike Western cosmetics, Korean cosmetics is based on a series of 10 steps, a beauty routine thinks to take care of the skin in 3 macro dimensions: Cleansing, Nourishment, Protection. A focus to be repeated in the evening and in the morning, as a true gesture of love. 

Miloon's K-Beauty Guides.

Korean women teach us that the secret to perfect skin is surely perseverance, but this would be nothing without knowledge. This is where Miloon’s Korean Cosmetic Guides are born: an ever-evolving world to guide you through the world of steps, products and the most important themes. To make you an expert… with perfect skin.