Korean Skincare Routine is rooted in Asian people cult of the the perfect skin and, if followed methodically, is guaranteed to bring your beauty regimen to another level. 

Stepping into Korean Skincare Routine could be a little startling at the beginning for a Wester consumer right for the underpinning philosophy. In fact, if compared to the Western one – that is concerned about curing skin’s problems – The Korean Beauty approach states that “Preventing is better than Fixing”. Moreover most of the offer is based on such technologies so innovative to be mostly unknown in Europe. For example,  just think about snail slime- based products, or sheet mask’s recent popularity.

Miloon.eu  was established with the aim to share and spread those little secrets gained by years of career on field in the world of fashion, so to make this revolutionary philosophy  accessible to all the ladies out there.  We are making available premium products from the most reckon Korean brands that would be otherwise difficult to source. We hope you are in want to follow us in this wonderful quest for the perfect skin.