Why everyone needs springtime skin transition.

Skincare Spring transition for everyone.



Now that springtime is finally officially here, it’s mandatory to make some important twists to our usual skincare routine.  In fact, skin changes over time and from season to season.  Springtime skin transition is necessary when the weather shifts from cold and dry to humid and moist. In spring, our natural oil-levels in our body comes back after a dry winter. This means the products in our routine products, and the way we use them, need to change too.

Introducing Miloon’s very own 4 Steps Springtime transition Routine.

We are glad to introduce you to Miloon transition 4 skincare step to drive the perfect transition to skincare. This can be summed up by five skincare imperatives RENEWS, NOURISH, PROTECT, GLOW. Each and everyone is linked to a specific product category in your skincare routine you should remember to adapt to the season. Please remind that the other essential steps like for example Cleansing, should be maintained. At any cost 🙂