HUANGJISOO CLEANSERS: Hi-Tech, Organic & Cruelty free.



When love for nature meets technology, nothing can be born but something splendid. Huangjisoo, the Korean smart brand that combines only vegetal and hi-tech ingredients to create very effective products, but clean, organic and cruelty free. We are glad to introduce a new line of 5 detergents and an oil detergent, created to take care of the specificity of your skin. Another wonderful novelty to discover, on

Cleansing is the first and most important skin care step. That’s why Huangjisoo has created five custom cleaners that can be used effectively. This line features different types of cleansers: moisturizing, anti-pollution, anti-trouble, deep cleansing and brightening.  The Pure Daily Foaming Cleanser has undergone rigorous screening and has been EWG certified, a step-by-step safety check procedure for the EWG Skin Deep rating.


Pure Daily Foaming Cleanser anti pollution is composed of 99.5% vegetable ingredients such as Schizandra.
Schizandra Chinensis fruit extract is an antioxidant that cleanses and neutralizes pollutants in the skin. Cactus fruit vitamins, lavender and broccoli help protect, strengthen and rejuvenate the skin. Main ingredients include Schizandara Sinesin extract, Cactus, Lavender and Broccoli and Organo Majorana leaf oil. Schizandra chinensin extract, with its slight acidity, keeps the pH of the skin neutral.
Cactus mixed with Lavender and Broccoli protects the skin from external factors.
Finally, the leaves of Oregano Majorana – effectively cleanses the skin and relieves skin fatigue. With Pure Daily Foaming Cleanser, younger skin from the start.


– Very irritating to fine dust.

– A person who turns red with an external stimulus  

– A person sensitive to harmful substances  

– A person looking for a safe and gentle product  

– People who can easily feel dry skin  

– A person suffering from itching  

– A person with a feeling of throbbing in the wash

Smog and other dirt? Game over!


Pure Daily Foaming Cleanser Moisturizing is 99.5% made up of plant ingredients such as wheat seed extract. It is calibrated with a moisturizing cleanser that creates a moisture barrier that rejuvenates dry skin.

Among the main ingredients, we find seed extract of Triticum vulgare, Ceramide and Geraio Maculated Oil.

Triticum vulgare seed extract helps to gently cleanse the face with natural amino acids and polysaccharides. Soothes and protects the skin after cleansing.
Ceramide helps the skin to remain hydrated and protected from the outside.
Finally, the oil of Geranium Maculatum, helps to maintain healthy care and hydration of the skin, managing the levels of oiliness and hydration of the skin. An absolutely fundamental ally for oily skin.

Ideal for

– A person who feels extreme dryness after cleansing

– A person who is exposed to keratin due to dryness

– A person who has skin sensitive to harmful substances

– Person looking for safe and mild products

– Person who has easily dry skin

Pure Daily Foaming Cleanser Moisturizing: new youth for dry and dehydrated skin.


Pure Daily Foaming Cleanser Anti-Skin Trouble is 99.5% made from plant ingredients such as chamomile, and is absolutely non-irritating to the skin. It removes fine dust and harmful substances on the skin, thanks to the extract of Matricaria, Centella Asiatica and Huttuynia Cordata.

This is because Matricaria extract helps to calm sensitive skin and regulate the secretion of excess sebum to maintain skin balance.
Centella Asiatica extract, like Madeca herbal extract, helps to calm down, heal and prevent sebum.
Finally, Huttuynia Cordata extract (TSI) nourishes the skin like never before. .


– People who are stressed by purulent acne

– A person who worries about wide pores due to problems

– People with skin sensitive to harmful substances

– A person looking for a safe and gentle product

– People whose skin is prone to dryness

– People with vascular deposits due to external stimuli

– A person who feels symptoms when you wash

Pure Daily Foaming Cleanser Anti-Skin Trouble, designed to make you forget about your skin’s problems.




Brightening Foam Cleanser illuminates the skin and restores shine to dull skin with its dual lighting system.

The vitamin-rich ingredients, such as Green Tea Extract, illuminate the complexion and remove stains.

It contains extract of Camellia Sinensis leaves, which thanks to EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate), removes oxygen molecules harmful to the skin.
In addition, Malus Domestica Fruit flower extract provides nourishment to the skin, protects it from oxidation and improves skin tone.
In addition, Acerola extract contains nutrients such as organic apple acid and vitamin C that provide nourishment to the skin and protect it from skin oxidation.
Ideal for

– Dull skin

– Uneven skin tone

– Blemishes/ dark spots

Brightening Foam Cleanser, for Deep Cleansing, will naturally fights the signs of aging.


Pure Daily Foaming Cleanser Deep Clean is composed of 99.5% plant ingredients such as peppermint that visibly reduces pores, as well as having a high cleansing power that removes makeup and keeps the skin soft.

As mentioned, peppermint extract expands the capillaries and promotes the secretion of sweat, cleaning the inside of the skin and giving a feeling of freshness.
Cucumis Sativus extract, on the other hand, acts as a skin softener, helping to moisturize dry and tired skin.
Finally, Chrysanthemum extract is a delicate ingredient that reduces skin problems. It also has an antioxidant characteristic that eliminates free radicals. For fresh, unparalleled skin.

Ideal for

–  Redness

– Oiliness

– Blemishes

– Skin Imbalance


Finally is this delicate cleansing oil, composed of 0% water and 98% vegetable oil. It contains natural oil that protects the skin, so you can gently cleanse and eliminate deep makeup, sebum and dead cells without irritating. This is possible thanks to Jojoba Oil, which protects the skin from harmful waste and makes it appear smooth and vivid, and the deep action of Apricot Seed Oil, which removes dead skin cells, sebum, blackheads and gives a luminous effect to the skin.

Ideal for

– A person who wants to feel the skin-care effect at the same time as cleansing

– A person who wants perfect purification without stimulation

– A person who does not like sticky oil

– People who are always dry and worried about skin after cleansing

– A person who wants to manage acne and keratinization at once

– Those who want to purify a product without double cleansing 

– People with skin sensitive to harmful substances

An un-missable part of every K-beauty routine.