A clean skin is the first step for a healthy skin. Gentle Black Cleansing Puff is the ally you need for a star skin, anywhere, even on the go. This little wonder is just perfect for use with foaming cleansers, facial soaps and oil cleaners. Ready to shine?


klairs gentle black deep cleansing puff


Gentle Black Cleansing Puff: What is it and why is it so imported into Korean cosmetics?

The Cleansing Puff is a small porous sponge with two sides that favor a delicate abrasion. Cleansing Puff is a fundamental ally for the first and most important step of the Korean beauty routine: cleansing. As you know at the base of Korean cosmetics, there are plenty of cleaning methods. Among all perhaps the best known is the Double Cleansing, a deep cleaning carried out in two steps. We start with an oil-based detergent to remove impurities such as makeup, pollutants and sunscreens. Subsequently, the use of an aqueous-based detergent is provided to remove the remainder of the remnants, specifically, sweat and dirt. More information on the Double Cleansing plus find them here. The popularity of double Cleansing and the centrality of detention in the world of K-Beauty is further evidenced by the trend of 2019: Triple Cleansing. We talked about it last week in one of our Glowing Saturday posts. Basically, at the base of Triple Cleansing there is the idea that a further cleaning step can only encourage the penetration of the following steps. Triple Cleansing consists of a cleaning based on three separate detergents. It starts with a cleansing make-up remover, followed by a cleansing oil and then finish with a gel or a foam cleaner.


klairs gentle black deep cleansing puff


How can Gentle Black Cleansing Puff be used and what are its benefits for the skin?

To use Black Cleansing Puff at best it is sufficient to wet the sponge in warm water and squeeze out excess water. The cleansing will be even easier: just clean the face by gently sliding from the center to the outer edge. The result? A deep cleansing that will make your skin happy.

See how it is used to the maximum in this video, where it is used in combination with Gentle Black Deep Cleansing Oil.



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