Brrrrr… it’s that period of the year when the peaks of cold are reaching new highs (or maybe we should say lows). Such cold temperatures might be putting our beloved glow at risk, making the efforts of the most rigorous of beauty routines in vain. But that’s not all. The discomfort of these polar temperatures reminds us that no K-beauty regime can be said to be complete without total body protection… starting with the hands, the first to be mistreated and lose their elasticity, thus becoming immediately red, cracked and old before time. But it is at this moment that the fruit comes to our rescue. And it is Frudia, the beloved brand that employs the innovative R-Vita technology to exploit the organic nourishing power of fruit, providing maximum nourishment for a radiant the skin.



The My Orchad line has been designed to fight dehydration during cold months in those parts of the body excluded from a constant routine, but suffer and deteriorate due to conditions the most.

Without further ado, we are glad to introduce  Frudia My Orchad Hand Cream that just landed on Available in Coconut, Peach, and Shea Butter flavour, it will complete a total body protection providing superior hydration. Frudia My Orchad Hand Cream is so natural and yummy you want to eat them all.



My Orchard Hand Cream are highly concentrated therapeutic hand creams with fruit extracts. It’s as if they’ve just been squeezed to deliver a juicy, long-lasting fragrance.

These creams are great for protecting rough hands, as they are easily consumed when it’s cold and dry outside. Moreover, they work just great for delicate hands.

Frudia My Orchad Hand Cream can count on a wide range of natural ingredients, combined together to increase hydration and protect our delicate hands.



In addition to the classic Shea Butter, Squalanee and Glycerin, this line also contains mango seed extract. In fact, rich in vitamins, with antioxidant action, including beta carotene and vitamin C, to counteract the action of free radicals, mango is a really formidable ingredient to maintain a youthful-looking skin longer over time, because it is rich in substances with antioxidant action.  It is no coincidence that mango is the main ingredient of My Orchad Cream.

But that’s not all.The seven types of concentrated oils extracted from fruit seeds along with honey and shea butter provide deep hydration and a subtle shine on the hands that will stay hydrated for a long time.

This hydrated goodness is available in three delicious scents: Coconut, Peach and Shea butter. 



But that’s not all: the seven kinds of concentrated oils extracted from the seeds of fruits along with honey and shea butter provide deep moisture and fine luster on hands that will stay hydrated for a long period of time. Choose your favorite taste. Depending on your mood or the benefit you want to get.

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