INTRODUCING ETTANG “Modeling Take Out Cup Pack”.



Welcome back to Mask Monday.

Today we are here to introduce a new concept mask from Ettang.

Ettang is a naturalism skincare brand not using harmful chemicals in their product. “Modeling Take Out Cup Pack” has only the best raw materials.
It is enjoyable at home like a high quality treatment in aesthetic salons.

This mask comes in powder foam, packed in a lightweight cup.
It turns into rubber pack after pouring water.

It is convenient to carry around and easy to use anywhere.
There are 6 flavors and each mask has its own purpose.  All them contain aroma oil to calm the skin as well as mind. Moreover, all the ingredients are from natural plants extracts.



Keywords: Skin elasticity / Smooth skin texture / Nutrition supply.

Collagen is a type of fibrous protein that forms our body. It is an essential substance to dive elasticity and the original resilience to skin. Perfect to give elasticity to sagging skin.


Keywords: Moisturizing nutrition / Alleviating stimulation / Skin relaxing.

Calendula protects skin from stimulation. It is effective in soothing damaged skin and relieving skin irritation. Containing vitamin E, which has antioxidant effects. It helps to relief sensitive, dry and itchy skin.



Keywords: Managing dead skin cell / Oil, moisture balance / Nutrition supply.

Charcoal is good ingredient for sebum control and makes clear and transparent skin. It controls moisture balance and purifies skin. Containing abundant minerals and makes skin fine and healthy.


Keywords: Bright skin tone / Astringent effect / Skin elasticity.

Acerola gives energy to skin and makes skin clear and bright. It also tightens up pores and skin elastic.



Keywords: Skin relaxing / feel of refreshed skin / Skin conditioning.

The peppermint contains tea tree and mint substance.

It soothes skin and helps provide relief to dry and itchy skin.

It is perfect for oil-water balance control and sensitive skin care.


Keywords: Smooth skin touch / Bright skin / Glossy skin.

Yogurt contains protein and vitamin B2 to make skin elastic, smooth and clear. It also helps to remove dead skin cells. This mask will make crumble skin smooth and elastic.


How to use.

1. Prepare “Take Out Cup Pack” with water.

2. Take out spatula, put water ½ degree in a sup and mix it.

3. Apply the mask before it dries up.  In order of: cheek, chin, and bridge of the nose and forehead.

4. After 15-20 minutes, remove the pack and clear up residue. Use cotton pads soaked in toner.

5. Finish skin care in order of essence, serum and cream.

*Disposable mask.

Experience the miracle of one small cup with Modeling Cup Pack mask.

Feel the skin becomes smoother, brighter and clearer after one use.