DOUBLE CLEANSING: what i need – my experience.


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Cleansing is Korean Beauty Routine’s basis for a clear complexion and can prevent blemishes, enlarged pores and signs of aging.
Korean women use a Double Cleanse method that
 ensures skin can better absorb skincare products to follow.
The first cleanse employs oil/balm based cleanser to remove oil-based impurities such as sebum, residue from moisturizers and sunscreens, pollutants as well as makeup.
The second cleanse employs water-based cleanser to remove any last traces of grime, it goes deeper into the skin and helps to completely remove any last traces of buildup so you’re left with a completely clean canvas. For more info on double cleansing read here.

Today Milena, Miloon co-founder, professional model and K-Beauty connoisseur, shares her impressions on A’Pieu “Cleansing Water” and Thank You Farmer “Cleansing Foam” her quest for the perfect product match for double cleansing.

Setting up the perfect double cleansing match is not an easy job. In the endless quest for the perfect skincare routine, it happens to burn money on products that you eventually will find out are not just working for you. No panic. It is part of the game. This does not necessarily mean those products are bad. They just might not be suitable for your skin. Beauty is  an addictive game, we all know that. Just count  how many bottles from different products you buy and ends lined up dusting on your bathroom shelf… until they expire. On the other hand, some products just need for some mere time to work out. Think about those products you expect to show results after 1st or 2 use. Yet, After using it 3 times yet no visibile signs of a change. As a general rule, give them a second chance. Get back to some products after some time and, trying to use them at least for a week regularly.

What I need.

Spotting a set of cleansers that fulfills our dreams! That’s the hard part of finding the perfect cleansing match.

Personally, working as a model, I usually have a lot of makeup after my shootings. That is hard to remove. Some cleansers would often irritate my skin very much, especially the eye area. It is important for me to get rid off all the dirt and impurities of the whole day. I like to feel my skin clean and fresh at it’s most.

My Experience.

More than two months ago I started using cleansing water from A’Pieu – “From The Black No-Wash Cleansing Water”. I wanted to test this product, as it was our new cleansing water at I used in combination with Thank You Farmer “Cleansing Foam”. I used to be addicted to TYF cleansing water and tested it for a long time. I followed this double cleansing routine EVERYDAY for 2 months. Now I am just surprised by the effects.

My schedule was really tight. I worked a lot during those 2 months, almost everyday. I had make up artists to use loads of different makeup and brushes. I was sure my skin would break out sooner or later.

Once home I put my routine in action. As a result I never got a single pimple. My pores became tighter and clogged pores diminished. Let me break it down for you the reason why I love them so much.A PIEU CLEANSING WATER
A’Pieu “Cleansing Water”.

Removes makeup fast and effectively, no more rubbing your face like crazy;

Has soft and pleasant smell;

Hydration goes on after cleansing;

No sticky feeling after cleansing;

No need to wash it off. Using another cleanser is optional.

Thank You Farmer “Cleansing Foam”.

Foams up really well;

Removes sebum residues;

It cleans pores for real. I can totally see it after washing off foam from my face;

It delivers a smooth, satin-like skin;

Doesn’t dry my skin;

Its fresh smell is not strong at all

I can see satisfactory results on my skin. I feel my skin is ready to absorb the treatments to come like essence and moisturizer way better now.

When finding out your prefect double cleansing match, please bear in mind that every skin is different, as its needs are indeed different. So, for example if you have sensitive skin, I can suggest you to try to match other cleansing products like Neogen “Real Fresh Cleansing Water Rose” and Klairs “Rich Moist Foaming Cleanser”.