FROM MERRY TO GLAM: Have a very Mask Kit’s holiday season.


miloon mask kit


Maybe you already know Miloon’s exquisite Mask Kits: the elegantly-wrapped-up collection of seven Korean beauty masks assorted to please your very own skin type, every day, even on the go. If you have been following and K-words, you must certainly be aware that the Mask Kit has recently gone large. Last September we welcomed the introduction of 3 new breeds of masks kits: Young Again, Clear Again and the Premium Mask Kit. The core concept of personalizzazione at the heart of the mask kit remains unchanged, yet it is amplified so to encompass every need of your skin. However what you maybe didn’t know is mask kit is the perfect gift idea for your loved ones. This is  true on every occasion, it just a fact when talking about Christmas. Smart, colored, precious and witty: a Mask Kit is as Fun to wrap as much as to unwrap. Friends, office mates, relatives. These holidays everyone deserves a mask kit. You too. #Letsgivebeauty.

Premium Mask Kit is a luxury-flavored reinvention of the already famous Classic Mask Kit. As in the case of its predecessor, Premium Mask Kit consists of an elegant and practical packaging that collects seven masks by the best K-Beauty brands, specifically assorted according to your skin type. Each mask targets a specific effect. Envision the Premium Mask Kit as a beauty treatment committed to boost your daily beauty routine. For a clean, toned and healthy skin in less than 15 minutes. This could be the  perfect gifting idea for your K-beauty friend that has always been curious to try some of the new ons on Premium mask kit stands out for employing the most special masks with the most refined ingredients and innovative formulas.This could be the ultimate gifting idea for your lady-boss. Guess that the promotion you really work that hard is not going to be that far after all.

Young Again Mask Kit is an express solution committed to fight such skin conditions connected to aging. It contains 7 beauty masks to provide plumping and nourishing effect to effectively fight wrinkles and fine lines. This mask kit should be mandatory for everyone’s whose skin is losing elasticity, consistency and firmness as it delivers a more voluminized, nourished and plum skin, for a fountain of youth immediate effect. Last week we inserted Young Again Mask Kit among the gift ideas for mom. But please remember that K-beauty paradigm states that preventing is better than fixing. There’s no specific age to start fitting the signs of time. From aging, to  hydration, from cleaning to the oiliness control, Again has been conceived to bring your skin back to its pristine condition. Keep it well in mind when thinking what to gift your office-mate for Secret Santa.

Deep Cleaning. This is what Clear Again Mask Kit in a nutshell really is. This selection of masks is the perfect companion to those who want to extend the care of  their skin’s complexity. This mask kit contains a selection of seven masks by the best Korean cosmetic brands, to act on all those annoying and unsightly defects of the skin such as outbreaks and inflammation, blackheads, excess oiliness and sebum. This is just ideal for those with a normal, mixed or oily skin. They  will be able to reap great benefits from these masks, as these capable of bringing a significant purification. This is perfect for those your relevant others that are underscoring a process of body and mind renovation. The that wants to integrate in their life a much more healthy lifestyle. This is the ultimate gift for you gym-friends that are watching their health so much. And… since holidays are that moment we do life enhancement plans for the year to come why not inserting this suggestion in your very own proposal bucket?