How to choose the Miloon Mask Kit that fits you best.


Miloon Mask kit


If you’re like us you’ll be in love with the mask kits of the “Again” Miloon line and maybe you’re wondering how to choose the perfect mask kit, the one that’s right for you. No problem. In fact, the family of Miloon mask kits, grows to be able to follow the specificity of your skin and be closer to your needs. Last week we had the pleasure of welcoming Glow, the newcomer to the family of mask kits from Miloon’s “Again” line. With three verses of mask kits to choose from, selected from the best Korean cosmetics brands in the world, “Again” means more and more perfect skin and is the right ally to keep your beauty regime always at the top. Find out how to choose the right mask kit for you.

The “Again” Line from Miloon.

The “Again” line has been designed to restore the skin to its original condition. “Again” offers a skincare solution that is increasingly customized according to the specificity of the skin, in order to solve the main problems. From signs of age, to hydration, from deep cleansing to oiliness control, from compactness to radiance. The masks are selected to give visible results from the first application: that is, 20 minutes, the time that separates you from the skin of your dreams 😀

What’s in the Miloon mask kit?

Miloon has introduced the concept of mask kits to spread the importance of the Korean fabric mask and celebrate its centrality in every beauty ritual, offering seven beauty masks specifically assorted for each skin type. All masks are strictly produced in Korea and are characterized by being smart and high performance cosmetics, which allow you to see visible results right away. Using only active ingredients of natural origin, the masks selected by Miloon are characterized by ‘high technology in the processes of production and extraction of ingredients, always cruelty free and in line with Italian and European regulations.



How to choose the mask kit: select your target.

The first step in choosing the right mask kit is to select the lens that interests you. If you have problematic skin and want to make it cleaner and healthier, switch to the Glow mask kit. If you want to start fighting the signs of time, choose the mask kit Young “Again”. Finally, if you are interested in extra help to get the so-called glass skin, choose the mask kit Glow “Again” to regain radiance and compactness.

Clear “Again”.

Deep Purity. Here is a summary of the effect of the Clear “Again” mask kit products. This selection of masks is the perfect kit for those who want to extend their complicated skin care.

In its precious and practical emerald green case, Clear “Again”, it offers seven masks selected among the best Korean cosmetic brands, which, through deep cleaning, act on all those annoying and unsightly skin defects such as rashes and inflammations, blackheads, oiliness and excess sebum.

Who’s Clear “Again” aimed at ?

All those who have normal, mixed and oily skin, will benefit from these masks, because they are able to perform a really significant purification.

Young “Again”.

Young “Again” is a solution designed to combat skin problems specifically related to age through a selection of beauty masks with nourishing, firming and preventing and reducing wrinkles and fine lines.

In its elegant and practical bright silver case, Young “Again” offers a solution to combat skin imperfections related to the signs of time through a selection of 7 beauty masks, chosen from the best Korean cosmetic brands.

Who’s Young “Again” aimed at ?

Young “Again” is designed for skin that is losing elasticity, texture and firmness.

Glow “Again”.

“Glow” from the “Again” line, a selection of seven beauty masks designed to make the skin perfect by restoring its natural radiance.

“Glow” is the English term for the property of a surface to create the illusion of its own light, and is synonymous with healthy, radiant, uniformly toned skin and embodies the ultimate ideal to which every respectable beauty regime tends.

In its elegant and practical pink gold case, Glow “Again” offers a solution to enhance the radiance of the skin thanks to a selection of 7 beauty masks, chosen from the best Korean cosmetic brands.

Who is Glow “Again” aimed at?

Glow “Again” is designed for those who want to fight dull skin and irregular tones want to get the much-loved “glass skin, a skin with a mirror effect that summarizes the key points and steps of the Korean skincare philosophy.

But that’s not all. There is also the very popular mask kit Classic, the one in the rosettes package founder of the family. This is a selection of assorted masks to enhance the steps of the Korean Beauty Routine and meet the specific needs of each skin type. But that’s not all, there is also Premium, a version even more driven towards maximum performance. For an unforgettable experience and a dream skin. Try them today on