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By Wishtrend stands for uncompromising performance. This cornerstone of Korean global cosmetics extends the wave of exceptional new arrivals that, on miloon, seem to never stop, even as we approach the summer break. We are glad to announce By Wishtrend is finally available on miloon. This outstanding brand combines a scientific approach with a “no-strings-attached” aesthetic to give your skin the glow it deserves. Discover By Wishtrend products. We’re sure you’ll fall in love. Finally, you won’t have to make the choice, sacrificing a high level shopping experience to get the products of this fantastic brand. From now on you can find both on miloon 😉 



By Wishtrend: a True Philosophy in Made by Korean Skincare.

By Wishtrend is a skincare brand born from the decades of experience of one of the giants of skincare, the creator of the success of global K beauty phenomena such as Klairs, Cosrx and I’m From. What differentiates By Wishtrend from other brands you love? Simple. An even more essential imprint totally committed to total performance. This is thanks to the use of technologies that enhance the active ingredients dear to Asian tradition such as the much-loved Vitamin C. What indeed remains unchanged? The total quality and attention in providing products, always taking care to the needs of your skin to make it perfect. In fact, thanks to a marked scientific and innovative approach to skincare, By Wishtrend products offer results that are immediately visible. Get ready to discover a brighter skin and a smoother texture.

Pure Vitamin C21.5% Advanced Serum.



Pure Vitamin C21.5% Advanced Serum by By Wishtrend is a vitamin serum created to improve the overall tone and texture of the skin. It contains pure vitamin C, it is free of parabens and other harmful ingredients so to reduce skin irritation. This is formulated with 10 essential ingredients for a fast and effective result.

It contains 70% Vitamins that add moisture to the skin. Panthenol and allantoin allow the vitamin serum to be concentrated over a long period of time without irritation.

It also reduces hyperpigmentation, discolouration and takes care of skin blemishes, while it cures acne scars and revives dull skin.

Polyphenols in Propolis 15% Ampoule.



Polyphenols in Propolis 15% Ampoule by Wishtrends is an ampoule based on Propolis extract from the volcanic region of Alvergene in France. It contains two polyphenols, catechin and quercetin, which are excellent antioxidants and two effective ingredients for super nourishing the skin. It also contains Houtuynia Cordata Extract and Zinc PCA, to help soothe the skin while also having strong antibacterial properties. Tthanks to its strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect this ampoule suitable for acneic and sensitive skin, even those affected by the strongest forms.

But that’s not all. Polyphenols in Propolis 15% Ampoule By Wishtrends is rich in moisturizing agents such as sodium hyaluronate, panthenol and betaine, which provide super hydration.

Propolis: the new frontier for acne treatment.
We remind you that Polyphenols in Propolis 15% Ampoule, instead of purified water, contains an important dose of capsicum extract (Houttuynia Cordata Extract) to deliver a massive calming effect.

Polyphenols in Propolis 15% Ampoule also uses Propolis from the volcanic region of Alvergene and it is composed of resin, beeswax, saliva and secretion of bees containing various enzymes. If you suffer from acne, you will be favorably amazed by the improvement, because it reduces skin inflammation, reddened skin and pigmentation, increasing the content of wetting factors in the skin.

Green Tea & Enzyme Powder Wash.



By Wishtrend Green Tea & Enzyme Powder Wash is a very gentle powder detergent for everyday use. It is composed of powdered yeast, coconut-derived surfactant and enzymes to controls the blackheads while hydrating the skin and does not irritate it, which makes it more sensitive skin, which however helps to exfoliate every day.

Green tea, papain, sodium bicrbonate and surfactant amino acids: the secret to deep cleansing.

Green Tea is a powerful antioxidant, rich in vitamins such as vitamins A, C and E. Thanks to its relaxing effect and intense aroma it is an extremely important ingredient in Korean cosmetics, given its ability to calm and improve skin tone. This has also demonstrated a strong effectiveness in intense oxidation and purification of the skin, which helps to cleanse in depth.

Papaine, on the other hand, eliminates proteolytic enzymes, old keratin and all skin waste to improve the structure of the skin. In addition, it dissolves enzymes without causing irritation as a result of exfoliation.

Sodium bicarbonate works like a soft and delicate scrub; it is an excellent ingredient to remove blackheads and improve the texture of the skin. Improves acne-prone skin, effective in treating blackheads. It is also great for penetrating deep into the skin and cleaning the pores in an excellent way.

Finally, there are the amino acids surfactants, surfactants weakly derived from coconut acids that have an excellent affinity of the skin and offer superior water retention.

By Wishtrend Green Tea & Enzyme Powder Wash is a product recommended for all skin types, especially for acne-prone skin. It is also perfect for those who prefer delicate detergents with a moisturizing finish.It will surely be the favourite of those who are looking for an exfoliating product that does not cause irritation or a detergent to be used every day to gently exfoliate sensitive skin, without the irritation of a scrub or a chemical exfoliant.

Acid Duo Mild Gel Cleanser.



Acid Duo Mild Gel Cleanser is a mild cleanser based on Capryloyl Salicylic Acid (LHA) and Gluconolactone (PHA), designed to free the skin from dead cells and all other impurities. Has a pH level of 5,5 to restore the pH balance of the skin is a totally delicate product suitable for even the most sensitive skin.

Are you ready to discover the scientific effectiveness of By Wishtrend? Do not abandon the dream of healthy and protected skin. Search By Wishtrend products on miloon.