A complete beauty treatment in a single mask.


pibu bubbling charcoalmask


Bubbling Charcoal Mask from glamorous K-Beauty brand Pibu brand, is a sensational charcoal mask that releases pleasant bubbles that deeply purify your skin, making it silky smooth, firm and elastic.

Its unique ingredients firm the pores and, at the same time, exfoliate the dead skin cells  and delivers healthy glow.

As soon as you place the mask on your face, you will feel the pleasant effervescence of the carbon dioxide bubbles begin. The result? Simply amazing. And it’s just the beginning. As soon as you remove the mask, the pores will be less visible. And the skin? Simply fresh and luxuriant.



Main ingredients :

Bubbling Charcoal Mask Bubbling Charcoal Mask by Pibu is really great and effective. This depends on the ingredients that thoroughly cleanse, regenerate, strengthen, exhale and rebalance and rejuvenate. What else could we ask for from a mask? Let’s analyze its ingredients more specifically.

The first ingredient is active carbon, which has a strong cleansing power. It absorbs impurities from the surface of the skin and provides additional protection from the harmful effects of external factors. Charcoal reduces excess sebum, minimizes the formation of blackheads and inflammation as it refreshes the skin.

Then there is the regenerating and strengthening complex. This is a real load of regenerating and nourishing ingredients. The components included in the complex (amino acids, glycoproteins) strengthen the skin’s natural protective barriers and help repair skin damage caused by harmful external factors such as stress, pollution, UV radiation, etc..

On the other hand, the exfoliating and balancing complex, contains normalizing extract of Alpine willow and citric acid (a highly exfoliating substance), illuminating and anti-acne. The complex effectively reduces  skin blemishes and allows your skin to shine brightly.

Finally, the rejuvenating complex intensely stimulates the skin so as to produce collagen and elastin, thus slowing down the natural ageing process of the skin. It has a rejuvenating, regenerating and anti-wrinkle power. It improves the compactness and elasticity of the skin.

This is recommended for tired, dull skin or skin exposed to harmful external factors such as stress, dirt, UV rays or a lifestyle that is not exactly exceptional.

In other words, Bubbling Charcoal Mask is a truly complete mask, which, thanks to its selected ingredients, allows you to see important results immediately.

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