BREATHING ROUTINE for healthy & glowing skin. 


miloon breathing routine


Take a Breath. I mean.. really 😛 Let’s talk about breathing routine. Deep breathing is more than just a way to boost energy, as it allows to way to get rid of excess carbon dioxide from the body, providing a rich supply of oxygen to the blood, and invigorate the cells and tissues. Breathing is maybe the most important way we can use to increase brain control and hence influence the whole body, by improving circulation and in turn, reducing the effects of stress on the skin and cortisol-induced breakouts.

Here’s a 2-exercises routine to be done during the day, for a stunning and healthy complexion.

As soon as you wake up, start the blood circulation, to get energy, color, and life to the skin. All you need to do is  sitting up in a comfortable position and inhale through the nose deeply to address the nerves under the surface. Then exhale through the mouth quickly, and repeat this five times. The shorter exhale will signal to the brain that your body needs to activate, leading your heart rate to increase, too. Before bed, soothe the nervous system and prepare the body for deep  sleep, and prevent dull skin, puffy eyes, and dark circles. Lie down and inhale and exhale through the nose only, as nasal breathing gives lungs more time to extract a greater amount of oxygen. Make the exhale last double than the inhale. This will prepare the brain for sleep, as everything is slowing down. Repeat for 5 to 10 minutes, or until you feel very relaxed. Consistent practice reduces inflammation in the body and the skin after three months. Try it and share your impressions with us.