Brand New Brand: Skin79.

Your new friend... for the skin.

Did you know that the Korean words for “skin” and “79” sound really similar? It’s this phonetic similarity that is the basis of the name Skin79, the Korean skin care brand that has now been reversed on A worldwide skin care blockbuster that, born with the mission to develop additive-free products, aims to become your skin’s best friend. Let yourself be attracted by the nice and colorful packaging, which contains products with proven effectiveness, products with the latest technologies that maximize research that is lost in the most remote Asian tradition. Discover his wide selection of masks: for skin and hair. To define a new dimension of glow. Start today. Always and only on

Skin79: Why is it So Special?

Always one of the leading Korean brands in the universe of beauty, Skin79 has imposed itself by introducing and leading the trend of BB creams since 2004. And from back then, its rise has never stopped. In fact, Skin79 has never stopped investing in research, developing year after year innovative products, able to offer a new level of experience, which from the beauty of the skin is able to embrace the whole life, improving it significantly from the foundations.

Skin79: Your Personal Beauty Curator.

Skin79 is always updated on what is happening in the beauty world. For more than twenty years, it has been taking on board and anticipating all the major trends in the field of beauty, creating products designed to provide advanced cosmetic solutions at the highest levels.

Taking advantage of some of the best-known ingredients in the Korean skincare tradition, Skin79 offers a wide variety of products designed to ensure youthful, smooth and radiant skin.

Innovative ingredients meet the botanical and natural Asian tradition to create youthful-looking products designed to keep your skin healthy and youthful. 

SKIN79 Fresh Garden Mask (Glacial Water)

SHOP SKIN79 Fresh Garden Mask (Glacial Water)

A mask formulated with water coming directly from the glaciers with a purifying and strengthening effect, which has the same structure as the water in our body and bio-compatibility ensures that the active ingredients penetrate deeply and easily into our skin. Ingredients such as witch hazel and green tea, both of which have a purifying effect, are added to the formula.

SKIN79 Hair Repair Smoothie (Avocado)

SHOP SKIN79 – Hair Repair Smoothie (Avocado)

A multifunctional mask capable of repairing damaged hair.

This mask contains natural avocado oil, which makes dry and fragile hair strong, giving it softness, elasticity and healthy shine.

It contains vitamins A, B, D, E and K, proteins, amino acids, iron, magnesium and folic acid. A complex so rich in precious trace elements that it penetrates deep into the hair structure and initiates powerful regenerative processes. Even after using the mask only once, the condition and appearance of the hair improves significantly. The use of Hair Repair Smoothie Avocado makes hair easy to comb and style, avoiding knots, protecting it from lint as well as harmful negative influences.

SKIN79 Firming Selfie Mask

A two-stage treatment with moisturizing effect consisting of a vitamin ampoule and a tissue mask.

The ampoule refreshes, softens and brightens the skin. The mask is infused with a regenerating EGF complex that stimulates the natural renewal of skin cells and promotes the production of collagen to ensure elasticity and firmness of the skin.

SKIN79 Fresh Garden Mask (Snail)

Fresh Garden Mask Snail is a snail slime filter mask, the superstar ingredient that can repair skin damage by nourishing, replenishing and brightening the skin at the same time.

Skin79 speaks to your skin with an impressive selection of masks to all skin types. Say goodbye to imperfections and moisturize your skin in depth like never before.