Brand New Brand : Mustus.

Quench your skin’s thirst with Vegetarian Friendly freshness.

MILOON WELCOMES MUSTUS. We welcome Mustus, a new brand with an eco-friendly, vegetarian friendly and minimalist philosophy that pushes the “less is more” philosophy to the maximum. By eliminating all superfluous ingredients, Mustus created a line of masks that employs extracts obtained directly from fresh fruits and vegetables, combining them according to their color, to maximize and optimize the effectiveness of each ingredient and quench your skin’s thirst with the healthy taste of a centrifuge. Read more about our “Brand New Brand” column and search for the delicious Mustus masks on

Mustus: botanical tradition and technology. 

Musutus is the Latin word meaning “fresh”, thus celebrating a double-threaded bond that combines a timeless botanical tradition with the most modern technologies. Mustus delivers anything you can ask to a skincare brand: it is fresh, vegetarian, ecological and responsible, because it provides effective products using only the best and safest certified ingredients.

Mustus and Eco-aware ethics: only healthy ingredients for skin happiness.

The Vegetarian Friendly approach of Mustus, this new and exciting Korean cosmetics brand does not end with the choice of ingredients, but goes as far as incorporating its own eco vision to contaminate all dimensions of the product: from packaging to the fabric of the masks through the processing of ingredients, processed exclusively in an environmentally friendly way. The philosophy of Mustus is certainly minimal, of the “Less is More” type, since the products do without any unnecessary additives.

Daily Harvest Squeeze Mustus: quench your thirst with a plant extract!

True to the spirit of the brand, Mustus’ Fresh Squeeze line of masks is comparable to a centrifuge to give your skin super powers. In fact, just like a centrifuge, the masks contain extracts obtained directly from fresh fruits and vegetables processed very slowly, under pressure to prevent nutrient loss.

Chromatic Efficacy.

But that’s not all. Each mask in the Fresh Squeeze Line combines fruits and vegetables according to their colour, in order to maximise and optimise the effectiveness of each ingredient.


A complex of yellow fruit and vegetable extracts (corn, mango, yuzu, pineapple, golden kiwi) makes the skin brighter and evens out its tone.


A complex of violet and fruit plant extracts (berry, acai berry, aubergine, violet, sweet potato, beetroot) nourishes and firms the skin that has lost its elasticity.


A complex of orange vegetable and fruit extracts (grapefruit, orange, pumpkin, pumpkin, carrot, sweet potato) revitalizes and restores dull and tired skin.


A complex of green plant extracts and fruit (celery, broccoli, avocado, Japanese apricot, green tea) soothes irritations and moisturizes the skin.


A complex of white fruit and vegetable extracts (cauliflower, onion, radish, pear, potato) smoothes the texture and restores the balance of the skin.



A complex of red vegetable and fruit extracts (tomato, apple, strawberry, cherry, pomegranate) nourishes, repairs and makes the skin more elastic and radiant.

If you’re dying to try this new brand, you don’t have to wait anymore. Look it up on Miloon now. Order it today and receive it in 24/48 hours. Say your skin: with the freshness of Mustus.