Tradition has it that in Valentine’s Day, the lovers exchange declarations of love through tender letters, called precisely, Valentine.
The oldest surviving “valentina” dates back to the fifteenth century, and was written by Charles of Orléans, then held in the Tower of London after the defeat at the Battle of Agincourt. Carlo addresses his second wife with the words: Je suis desja d’amour tanné, but tres doulce Valentinée …
Later, in ” Hamlet ” by Shakespeare (1601), during the scene of the madness of Ophelia (scene V of Act IV) the girl sings vainly: “Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and, as soon as the day comes, I who I am a young girl, I will knock at your window, I want to be your Valentina “.
But S.Valentino is not always a party where everything runs smoothly and love always triumphs. For the shy and awkward Charlie Brown, the immortal protagonist of the Peanuts comics, by the late Schulz, S. Valentine is one of the most distressing days. Despite the best intentions, and numerous attempts (all theoretical) to win the fear of refusal by declaring himself to the Little Red Hair Girl, Charlie Brown never succeeds in proposing. But every year is the fear to have the upper hand. A demonstration that love can be poignant, even and especially when it is imagined. s (Sigh!).

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